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Words Words Words was created on 2010-06-30.
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Toots created the word reggae?

Toots never created reggae nor was he in trench town when Ras Cardo and his brethrens created it in 1962. Toots and his friends were never in trench town, nor even close to th

Why were words created?

words were created because there was so mush symbol to remember that the created new symbol now we call them alfabet there was first 22 alfabet later on the years more letters

What is another word for created?


What was the first English word created?

'A' or 'a' meaning one is not the first word invented as it is a grammatical construction. Nouns would very likely be first words, They can be used by themselves, such as "Tar
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Who created words?

A person a LONG time ago created words because he thought people should communicate in some way like the animals do. We Christians believe that they were going to build a ta

How many words can be created from the word Bangalore?

Some words that can be made from the letters in Bangalore are:aableabaloneagarageagoalealgaealgebraaloealonealongananalanalogangelangerangle, anglerAngloangoraareareaareolaare