When was Lisa Jane Smith born?

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September 4th.
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Is Lisa smith real?

If you mean the Lisa Smith mentioned in the link below from Urban Legends, no, she is not real.

In Mr and Mrs Smith how did Jane Smith identify john?

Jane identified John when he was peeing on the land, his video was captured, she later saw his video, his face was not visible, she DID NOT identify him by the shoes, she inditified him by the shaking of the leg that was in fact the exact same shake that her husband did after going pee.thats how (MORE)

Who is Sarah Jane Smith?

Sarah Jane Smith is the lead character of The Sarah Jane Adventures. She is a woman in her late-50s/early-60s who officially works as a freelance journalist, but unofficially as a protector of the Earth from alien invasions and other threats. She is a former companion of The Doctor, having travelled (MORE)

Who plays Sarah Jane Smith?

Sarah Jane Smith is played by Elizabeth Sladen. She first played the character in 1973 as the Doctor's companion in Doctor Who and continued until 1976. The role was resurrected in 2006.

Where was Lisa Altshul born?

She was born deep within the forests of the African Congo, but she her parents are Russian and antarctican. So she is sort like a mix between European Jewish and south American eskimo

Who plays Clyde in The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures?

Clyde is played by Daniel Anthony. Clyde Langer is played by Daniel Anthony. He first appeared in the second episode of season 1 in a story called Revenge of the Slitheen. This was first broadcast in September 2007.

What name goes first as in Jane and Joe Smith?

The rules of etiquite and political correctness are always in flux with this but traditionally Mr comes before Mrs as he is the head of the household and listed first, then would come his wife and then children by age. You need to think of it like a little kingdom, the King is first, then comes th (MORE)

Did ed gein kill Lisa and sara smith?

No he only killed 2 women who both resembled his dead mother. Mary Hogan who owned the local Tavern where he lived. Bernice Worden who was the owner of the local General Store. Any other victims he was connected to, were just dug up dead bodies from the local cemetery.

Who is Luke Smith in Sarah Jane Adventures?

Luke is Sarah jane's adopted son. He was created by the alien race the Bane as the 'Perfect human'. He is super intelligent and doesn't get ill! (Apart from in last week's episode!) So he has had no real childhood or anything. Hope that answers it.

What doctors were Sarah Jane smith with?

While those were the main doctors she appeared with, she was there in the Five Doctors (so she was with all the first five) and the Eleventh Doctor was in two episodes of the Sarah Jane Smith Adventures. So the answer is actually seven. :)

Has david tenntet kissed Sarah Jane smith?

David Tennant did from 2006 on-wards and to date the David Tennant doctor has not kissed Sarah Jane Smith but I'm not quite sure about the classic series as I never watched it (previous doctors may have)

Who acted as Sarah Jane Smith?

Elisabeth Sladen played Sarah Jane Smith in every Doctor Who episode and every Sarah Jane Adventures episode she was in. Jessica Ashworth played the 13 year old version of Sarah Jane Smith in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode "Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?"

Will Sarah Jane smith die?

If Sarah-Jane hasn't died in The Sarah-Jane Adventures then she wont. Elizabeth Sladen, who plays Sarah-Jane passed away earlier this year.

Has Sarah Jane Smith died?

Elizabeth Sladen, the actress who played the character has died. Presumably, the character will die with her.

Did the doctor ever full in love with Sarah Jane smith?

There are lots of answers that can be made to this. Most people believe the Doctor and Sarah Jane were just really good friends, but some people do think they were in love. No one really knows how far their relationship went, so all we can do is guess. It's really a matter of opinion.

Where did sarah Jane smith get her sonic lipstick from?

Sarah Jane Smith got her sonic lipstick from the tenth doctor in school reunion. k-9 was blown up so the doctor reprogrammed him, while leaving Sarah Jane a sonic lipstick, her alien detector watch and a spare sonic lipstick.

How old was Sarah Jane smith?

Sarah Jane's age isn't really stated. Elisabeth Sladden was 63 when she died, so it's safe to assume Sarah Jane was supposed to be around the same age.

When was the psychic Lisa Williams born?

The famous psychic Lisa Williams was born in 1973 in Birmingham, England. She is considered both a psychic and healer and has starred on two television shows on LIfetime TV.

What year was Lisa Stansfield born in?

Lisa Stanfield was born the eleventh of April, 1966 in Lancashire, England. She then went to the Redbrook school located in Rochdale. Her current age is 47 years old.

What year was Lisa Bonet born?

Lisa Michelle Bonet was born in November, 1967. She is known forher role as Denise Huxtable on 'The Cosby Show' from 1984 to 1987.She was also in the first season of the spin-off series 'ADifferent World' (1987).

What are some of the books by Lisa smith?

The author Lisa Smith has written several series of books. Her books include The Night World Series, The Vampire Diaries and Series, The Secret Circle Series, and The Forbidden Game Series.

What country was Lisa Shaw born in?

Lisa Shaw was born in Canada. More specifically, she was born in Scarborough, Ontario. She was the youngest of six kids and broke through with her single "Makin' Love Makin' Music".

What movie and television projects has Lisa Lauren Smith been in?

Lisa Lauren Smith has: Played Kori Campbell in "Detroit 1-8-7" in 2010. Played Landlord in "Street Kings 2: Motor City" in 2011. Played Protester in "The Citizen" in 2012. Played Officer Reyes in "Family Weekend" in 2013. Played Jupiter in "Juvies" in 2014.

What movie and television projects has Lisa Mackel Smith been in?

Lisa Mackel Smith has: Played Care Center Rep in "I Love You Phillip Morris" in 2009. Played Ballroom Dancer in "Midnight Bayou" in 2009. Played Art Buyer in "Leonie" in 2010. Played Businesswoman in "Jeff, Who Lives at Home" in 2011. Played Amy Madison in "Marshall for Senate" in 2011. Played Karen (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Mary Jane Smith been in?

Mary Jane Smith has: Played Student in "Cynthia" in 1947. Played Martha in "Luxury Liner" in 1948. Played Molly - Witness in "Scene of the Crime" in 1949. Played Effie - Bridesmaid in "Father of the Bride" in 1950. Played Daughter in "Mystery Street" in 1950. Played Girl in "Two Weeks with Love" in (MORE)

What has the author Lisa Jane written?

Lisa Jane has written: 'Enchanted Childhood Address Book' 'A Year of Enchantment' 'Enchanted childhood' -- subject(s): Photography of children 'Enchanted Childhood Photo Album' 'Angels 2006 Calendar'