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When was the Italian flag created?

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The one currently used was created after WWII when the Republic was formed.
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Mexican Italian flag?

No. It is a common mistake when constructing the Flag of Mexico to take the Mexican Coat of Arms and place it in center of the white stripe, using the Italian flag as the base

What do the colors on the Italian flag represent?

The colors in the Italian flag are green, white and red. Here is their symbolism:   Green -- hope White -- faith Red -- charity Green means- Hope White means- Faith R

What do the stripes on the Italian flag stand for?

The Italy Flag was officially adopted on January 21, 1919. The national flag of Italy is a tricolor flag which features three equally sized vertical stripes of green, white an

Why the Italian flag is colored the way it is?

The Italian flag is green-white-red because it was inspired to the the french flag, where the blue color replaces the green. Green was used to replace blue, because according

What does the Italian flag represent?

The colors of the Italian flag are red and white, and green. The red and white are the colors of the Milan flag, and the green was the color of the uniform of the Lombard Leg

Who designed the Italian flag?

It was proposed by Giuseppe Compagnoni in the 1797. Like most flags, the Italian flag is ispired to the french one, because the Italian army flanked french soldiers . Red an

When did the Italian flag become the Italian flag?

The colours have been chosen to represent the Cispadane Republic (an alliance of northern Italian provinces) as early as January 7, 1797. However, its current form has been in

Which is older the Mexican Flag or the Italian Flag?

The Italian flag was adopted on January 1, 1948. The Mexican flag was adopted on September 16, 1968. The first uses on the red, white and green colors being used in modern day
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What is the Italian flag?

The Italian flag is the flag of Italy the green stands for hope white stands for faith and red stands for cherish
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Why was the Italian flag designed that way?

The Italian flag are many revisions over the course of history;  however, nearly all of the designs still featured the same colors  we see today. Green was used to signify t