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When was the last US fort knox gold audit?

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1974- From Numismatic News:
Recognizing Rep. Philip M Crane, R-Ill., I asked him why he had suggested a tour of Knox.

"I suggested it because of rampant rumors that significant portions of our gold reserves were gone," he replied.

"I suggested it to William Simon [Secretary of the Treasury] because, if coupled with an audit, would serve to help gain confidence in the monetary system.

"I'll be satisfied with the audit," he said, noting that there was a previous one in 1953, just after President Eisenhower took office.

Crane noted he had held one of the 400-ounce brick (approximately 27 pounds) and noted its worth of $65,000 on the free market.
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Is there any gold in fort knox and if there is does anyone know how much and who it belongs to?

  Answer   Short answer: The treasury  estimates 147.6 million ounces of gold are held at Fort Knox. The US  government owns it. Both of those answe

Where is Fort Knox?

The US gold depository is at Fort Knox, Kentucky (near Louisville in north central Kentucky). There is another Fort Knox, in coastal Maine, that was built in 1844.

How much does Fort Knox gold bricks weight?

  Gold Bricks   The gold stored in Ft. Knox is in the form of bars. The bars are 7 inches long, 3-1/2 inches wide, and 1-3/4 inches thick, which is slightly larger th
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Does Fort Knox have gold?

I dont see any evidence that there is GOLD there However if THERE was GOLD there why is the GOVERMENT preventing AMERICANS or the WORLD from knowing whats in there SORRY FOR O