When was the stonehedge roughly born the same time as?

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Stonehedge was not born but made by someone or something unknown to mankind at this time although there have been many Theories such as Aliens (Unlikley) or it could be a Observation point for something. In answer to the question no one knows
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How tall are the stonehedges?

The stones at Stonehedge that are still standing in what is called the Sarsen circle are on average 13 feet tall.

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What was the Stonehedge built for?

Some people think it was an astonomical calendar, others a ritual/religious site and yet others think it was a UFO landing site. There is no absolute proof of what its original purpose was so you make up your own mind or just keep an open mind, its your choice.

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How was stonehedge created?

People believe that stonehedge was created by magic and spells and that but actually it was created by cavemen lifting stones with string in a circle and actually what people say is not true

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Is it Stonehedge or Stonehenge?

This is actually a common misconception with many people who may not have ever seen the word. The proper spelling is Stonehenge and it is quite a marvelous sight.