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William Penn was born in London, England, on October 14, 1644. He was the first of three children of Admiral William Penn and Margaret Jasper. Admiral Penn served in the parliamentary navy during the Puritan Revolution (1647), when the royal forces of King Charles I (1600-1649) fought with those in England's parliament. Although rewarded by English statesman Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) and given land in Ireland, he soon fell out of favor and took
William Penn.
part in the restoration of Charles II (1630-1685) as the king of Great Britain.
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Why is William Penn a Founding Father?

William Penn was not a Founding Father as he died nearly a century before the United States was founded. He was a founder of a different kind. He founded the colony (now a sta

Why did William Penn found Pennsylvania?

Because King Charles II owed Penn's father money, Penn asked for a charter as payment. Being a Quaker, he saw the opportunity to aid those who were being persecuted in Britain

What did william penn contribute to pennsylvania?

Penn accepted land in America in lieu of cash to cover a debt  Charles III owed his father. His interest in the Quaker Faith led  him to use the land grant as a sanctuary fo

Where did William Penn go to school?

William Penn began his education at Chigwell School. He was then tutored privately and later was at Christ Church, Oxford. A link can be found below for more information.

Why did William Penn establish a colony?

ANSWER: The reason William Penn founded (or established) the colony of Pennsylvania, was for a religious refuge for Quakers, and for agriculture. By its charter, which was app

Who was William Penn?

William Penn was the founder of Pennsylvania, the son of Admiral William Penn for whom the Colony was named by King Charles II. He was also a Quaker. Then William Penn had a s

How do you draw William penn?

Just try to use one of da Google pics and copy it, its the best I can say, or u could print it out and trace it or tape it on the computer and trace it:)