When we do our dishes where does the water go?

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Down the sewers to the sewage treatment plant, just like when we flush the toilet or take a shower or brush our teeth or wash our hands.
In many cities runoff from the streets also goes into the same sewers, but as heavy rains can cause the sewage treatment plant to overflow and allow untreated sewage out, there is often a separate sewage system for this that does not go to the sewage treatment plant.
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Why does my puppy dig in her water dish?

GOT YOUR ANSWER . If there is no water in the dish, then your puppy wants water.. Ammendment: My Yorkie puppy does this too. There is water in the dish when she does it. It seems she loves to get her paws wet. We set up a small pool for her outside and she loves splashing around in it. I think the puppy just wants to play....

How do you keep birds out of dogs water and food dish?

Answer . I assume that you are leaving the bowl outside :). Might I suggest a visual scare device, such as a TerrorEyes balloon (http://www.bird-x.com/products/terror.html). The added bonus will be that pesky birds like pigeons and starlings will not only stay out of your dogs bowl, but out of your yard entirely. If that's not gonna work for you, go to http://www.bird-x.com for other ideas, or call one of our experts at (800)860-0473. Also, if you're just trying to keep them out of the water dish, try putting a little grape juice in there. It won't hurt your dog, but the birds might dislike the taste enough to keep them out.

Water temperature for washing dishes?

Dishwasher should only connect to the hot water line. Here is no additional heater for the water so tt should be the same temperature of the water boiler of the house.

What stores can you go to to get petri dishes?

There are several places or way's you can find out about buying a Petri dish. Like maybe Wal-Mart - if they sell them there. The dollar store, Internet..... Some ways are ask your mom, your friend, your family, your science teacher....

Is it safe to water outdoor plants with the dish soap water after doing dishes?

I think it is, I have heard to put dish washing liquid on plants to keep some of the bugs away. However the grease and things from the dishes might not be good on the plants, and the grease may attract bugs. it depends on what soap you use. look for eco soaps which are biodegradble, they may not be the best cleaning soaps but they wont harm your garden. beware from laundry soap water for it contains boron which is harmful for plants. one can use soapy water to kill bugs 'cos if coated by it it chokes them, it does not repel bugs in any way nor is the grease likely to attract any. zaf. I did my own little study and I can say so far it does an exelent job all though the roots worry me they are blackish-green. I hope it's ok!

What dishes go well with fried rice?

Fried rice is a complete dish in itself. If you have fried rice left over and want to use it to accompany a main meal, you could use it with any meal you'd normally have with pasta, rice, potatoes, and so on. But if you're making or buying fried rice for a meal, enjoy it as it is, as a main meal, entree or snack. If you feel it needs more you can add practically any meat or vegetables to it, provided you don't overwhelm it. Cooked chicken, diced, is a great addition to cooked fried rice, as are shrimps; peas can also be added: whatever's in your fridge.

Why won't water drain from the dish washer?

Its the same principle as water not draining from a (clothes) washing machine. The valve is programmed in a way that after the cycle is over, it automatically opens, for the dirty water to flow out. After that, the machine can start the blowers to dry the excess water on the dishes.

How do you prevent hard water stains on dishes?

Adding white vinegar to the dishwasher has been proven to work to keep hard water stains on dishes at bay. When the dishwasher has no cookware in it - and has no detergent, start a regular cycle. Let the dishwasher run for a few minutes. You should see the bottom should begin filling up with water. Add 2 to 3 cups of cheap white vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher. Then close the door and let the cycle finish. Stubborn stains may require another run-through. To keep the hard-water deposits at bay, run vinegar through a complete cycle periodically. This should keep your dishwasher fresh.

Can you wash dishes with vinegar or bleach in the water?

Yes, you can wash dishes with vinegar or bleach in the water, but bleach is the more common additive. 1T bleach per gallon of water should kill any bacteria present. Vinegar - especially apple cider vinegar - won't do the same job. White Vinegar also kills mold, germs & bacteria but for washing dishes most people use bleach. You can spritz a 5% vinegar (straight white vinegar from the bottle) on cutting boards or counter tops & let it sit over night. The smell dissipates in a few hours, leaving the surfaces germ-free.

What is Venus Rose Water Dish?

This is an embossed plate with mythological characters on it. The original is in a museum but a gold copy is given the the female that wins Wimbledon each year.

What side dishes go with chili?

It depends on what you wish to eat with your Bowl of Red ( bowl of Chili ) . The most common side dishes that goes with chili are as followed : cooked rice , corn bread or corn muffins , nachos ( tortillas topped with cheddar cheese and a slice of jalapeno pepper ) , taco salad , hot dog in a roll , Tortilla chips .

Do anoles need a water dish?

Not really. As it is nice to offer them one, most anoles will drinkfrom leaves and even the side of their tank when you mist them.Mist them each morning, enough that it will remain wet for a couplehours. This gives them enough water to drink and also helps themthrough shed.

What does dish washing detergent do to water?

The dish washing detergent simply mixes with the water. The contents of the detergent are what lift the grease off the dishes. It changes the pH and adds acids to breakdown protreins found in grease

Your female cockatiel filled her water dish with bedding is she pregnant?

that depends whether you have a male with her or not. if you have that's a pretty good sign that she will lay eggs soon. . Cockatiels are birds. They do not get pregnant, as reproduction is done through the laying of eggs. The eggs take about three weeks to form properly in the body, but this is not called "pregnancy". Chances are high that your cockatiel may just be keeping herself occupied. Being curious and intelligent birds, they need something to do. If there is no male with her, give her plenty of bells and toys, and other items to "chew" on. If there is a male, she may be ready to breed, so you should try and provide her with a nesting box.

Why can't you clean greasy dishes with plain water?

because grease is made up from long chain hydrocarbons which are non-polar whereas water is polar (positive and negative charges) and so they aren't miscible (they do not mix). How soap works is that its molecules are long chain hydrocarbons (non-polar) which also contain salts (polar), the grease is miscible with the long chains of the soap and the water is miscible with the salt part, therefore the entire solution can be mixed and the grease washed away.

Is dish washing liquid soluble in water?

Yes, dish washing liquid is soluble in water. The whole purpose of dish washing liquid is to make oily substances dissolve more easily in water, so it would have to be water soluble to perform its function.

Why does this cat pee in the water dish?

Cats will usually do this to mark their territory To protect against other cats Your cat may also be doing this out of stress/reaction when being chased, if s/he is being harassed by other cats or animals in your house.

Is dish water homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Heterogeneous, generally speaking water could only be considered homogeneous if there weren't any contaminaton and is distilled without any form of pollution. Good way to remember heterogeneous vs. homogeneous. if you can separate it-it's heterogeneous. ex. on a pepperoni pizza you can pick off the cheese, the bread, and the pepperoni. this is a heterogeneous mixture.

When using dish detergent is water considered an acid?

No. Detergents and soaps are generally alkaline, or base as opposed to acidic. But even more significant, detergents are in a class called, surfactants, meaning that they lower the surface tension of water, causing it to be able to penetrate and loosen contaminants.

What are side dishes that go well with a sandwich?

There are many side dishes that go well with a sandwich. A side of crisps will go well with a sandwich, and is easy to eat on the go. If the sandwich is part of a picnic, sides such as sausage rolls and scotch eggs work well.

How does a satellite dish heats water?

Sun-focusing satellite dishheats water on your roof: Concentrated alternative energy has historically been confined tothe desert, wherever vast arrays of mirrors focus the sun's rays to heat water , oil or salt. Now, due to low-costmicroprocessors and sun-tracking technology, a start-up referred toas Avalanche Energy is transferring it to the rooftops of normalhomes. The firm plans to form star water heating cheaper than everbefore.. Alex Pina, chief operating officer ofAvalanche, has designed a example star storage tank the dimensionsof a satellite dish. The device, referred to asThermal Square, concentrates daylight into a beam that heats water directly, and then pumps it into thepresent plight tank. There aren't any pricey heat transfer fluids,vacuum tubes or semiconducting material panels.. When Thermal Square goes on sale early nextyear, it'll price concerning $1000 to put in, and therefore thefirm claims it'll get hold of itself in plight at intervals 3years, though the precise time can vary with location. Once thisera, Pina says the system can still give plight for twentyyears.. "It may be a terribly fascinatingtechnology. If they will get below $1000 i believe it'll fly," saysRam Narayanamurthy of the electrical Power analysis Institute, anon-profit organization funded by the utility business and basedmostly in Washington DC. Narayanamurthy says star water heating hasbeen rejected in recent years as a result of low-cost fossil fueland electrical phenomenon panels prove higher buys. Existing starwater heaters price many thousand bucks, creating them afashionable possibility for householders, he says that.. To keep the value of Thermal Square down, its 2 collector dishes,those catch and focus light-weight, ar sealed out of sheet. Thefirst, that is concerning one.2 metres in diameter, or thedimensions of an enormous ball, focuses daylight onto the second,smaller mirror. This redirects a focused beam of sunshine onto awater intake pipe that results in the new cistern. The beam heatsthe water directly, up to a temperature of sixty °C. Pina says thedevice will heat a hundred and eighty litres of water from fifteento sixty °C a day. a bearing circuit ensures that if the water getsany hotter than this, it's pushed through the heating regionquicker, filling the tank quicker and not wasting energy heatingthe water over needed.