When were bananas available after World War 2?

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The Labour government decreed a national banana day in 1946. Every child should have a banana that day. This was the first banana I ever had.
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What type of natural resources were available in Australia in World War 2?

Australia's resources were mainly agricultural, supplying grain and wool to the Allies. There were significant coal resources available, but the large deposits of bauxite and iron ore were not then discovered or developed. Nor was oil in Bass Strait, in fact the country was short of oil and some was (MORE)

What were the other options available to end World War 2 besides the atomic bomb?

Answer . Invasion. Would have been costly in both human life and in resources.. Pack up and go home... only to allow Japanese leaders to make another attempt to take the islands of the Pacific LATER, after they had rebuilt their military.. Continue to carpet bomb the entire nation and allow the (MORE)

Why wasn't sugar available during World War 2?

Answer . Sugar was a product of the Carribean, Cuba, Louisiana, Florida, Hawaii and several South American countries. Transportation across the Atlantic was risky. Sugar became a worldwide high value commodity.. Answer . Some European countries, including Germany and Britain, grew sugar beet (MORE)

How much news of the World War I for Germany was available for the citizens?

\n. \n News of World War 1 in Germany \n. \nThroughout World War 1 all news on the war reaching the German public in the media was strictly censored (and often manipulated) by the military. \n. \nThe German people were told that they were winning, despite the fact that there were severe food (MORE)

Why was World War 2 called World War 2?

It's called WW2 because it was the second world war to have happened. It, at the end, had involved over 70 countries, which included us. And those 6 countries above, yeah, they were not the only ones involved, nor are they, combined, close to half the world. However, they were indeed in WW2 along wi (MORE)

What treatments were available to soldiers at the beginning of World War 2 to treat wound infections?

Answer . Sulfonamide drugs (sometimes called the sulfa drugs) were first synthesized in 1932 and were the first effective antimicrobial drugs used during WW II. Later commercial production of penicillin (from 1942 first successful use clinically , discovered 1928) made it possible to provide pen (MORE)

What jobs were available to women in World War 1?

Since men were at the war they didn't work so the women had to take over the men had to do like work in big factories making clothing and they cooked food what was sent to the war. I DON'T KNOW MUCH THATS WHY I'M ASKING BUT I KNOW THAT WOMAN WERE MADE TO WORK IN FACTORS WHERE THEY MADE WEAPONS FOR (MORE)

What was the war after World War 2?

The "war" after World War II was the mainly covert conflict calledthe Cold War . The first major war included in that conflict(communists vs anti-communists) was the Korean War (1950-1953). The Cold War was only a name given to the standoff between theUnited Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R/Rus (MORE)

What was wizard war in World War 2?

' The Wizard War ' was used to describe the British Air Ministry's Scientific Intelligence's efforts to discover, and develop means of disrupting, Germany's attempts to set up electronic navigation and bombing 'beams' for their bombers. After successfully achieving this, the organisation went on to (MORE)

When did the war end World War 2?

1. Your question doesn't make sense. 2. WWII ended in 1945 3. Why don't people just use Google to answer these questions, it would be so much quicker, and you would get so much more information!

Was World war 2 total war?

Total war is when a country utilises all of its resources (economic, human labour, military) for a war effort. World War II was a total war for most of its participants, including Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, USA and Australia. Notably, Germany did not enter a state of total war until 1943. T (MORE)

Why was World War 2 a world war?

At the start of World War II in 1939 it was limited to just a European war, with the British & French calling it a "phoney war". It wasn't until the wars of Asia & Europe joined up it was then classed as a world war. In context, World War II was a "World War" because of all of the country's that w (MORE)

What was World War 2 after the war?

After WWII ended in 1945, came the Korean War in 1950. Improvements of the answer: the WWII did end in 1943, However it was only the German question left which was argued in the different conferences between 1943-45. and the conferences and different ideologies between the Capatilist USA and C (MORE)

What other possibilities were available other than the atomic bomb in World War 2?

invasion - already planned . chemical weapons - already planned, if Japan resisted as theyhad in last islands . firebombing - already in progress . let Japan keep everything they conquered - unacceptable With what was planned the war would have lasted over a year longer(Japan actually had plans (MORE)

What food were not available during World War 2?

I'd say crops! If you were a french man and Germany had over run France, there could be hidden mines under the ground! So you walked along....suddenly BOOM!!! Your friends and family come, they are so terrified! Then the Germans get allerted, and come, and what do they do? They shoot the friends and (MORE)

Why World War I and World War 2 were not the same war?

World War 1 and 2 were not the same war because of the different underlying reasons for each war. Although World War 1 was a cause of World war 2 it was not the only cause. The other causes were. . Appeasement, Isolationism, and the Failure of the League of Nations . The Treaty of Versailles wa (MORE)

Are there pensions available for terminally ill World War 2 veterans?

Call your state veterans representative; they're in the blue pages of the phone book. This is where you will start your search. Set an appointment and ask any questions you have. It is probably good to have a power of attorney so that you can ask personal questions and get the answers you want, inst (MORE)

Jobs available in secomd world war?

Most normal jobs to keep the country running, plus, of course, jobs in munitions factories and other war-related jobs. That's obviously not including members of the armed forces, which expanded consideraby and forcibly in wartime.

Which war was the deadliest World War I or world war 2?

World War 1 is estimated to have killed about 70 million people, and WWII is estimated to be around 80 million including civilians and PoW's. So WWII was the deadliest. I agree that WWII its much more deadly because in this era, there was Great Depression which cause a lot of economical problems t (MORE)

What were the new 3 applainces available to Americans after World War 2?

washing machines were very popular when they first became widely available in the late 1940s. The first ones had a tub agitator and an electric ringer on the side, to squeeze excess water out of the clothes. . Perhaps even more exciting was the arrival of refrigerators a decade or so earlier. Unt (MORE)

What food s were available in World War 2?

The problem was not of food being AVAILABLE. It was a case of food products being equitably distributed so the British and the US Servicemen and women could have enough food. So things like chocolate, sugar, flour, milk, meat, some vegetables, fruit, fats, etc were rationed and people went to the st (MORE)

Who was at war World War 2?

The main countries were Italy, Germany, Soviet Union, France, Great Britain, Japan, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor, America

What foods weren't available in the world war 2?

The food types available during WWII depended on which country you lived in at the time. For instance in England they could not have chocolates, deserty foods or other luxuries because of the rationing on sugar and other ingredients needed to make the treats. In the United States chocolate was the n (MORE)

How was World War 2 a world war?

It was a world war because it involved all the worlds superpowers and was fought throughout the world eg. Western and Eastern European theater, North African theater, Pacific theater etc.

What war appeared after World War 2?

The Cold War started before WWII ever ended when Stalin ceased the nations he conquered fighting against the Nazis. Next, came the Korean War when the United States fought against communist North Korea.

How was World War 2 a necessary war?

World War 2 completely neccessary and by the time war was declared, nothing could have been done to stop it. Japan was making huge military campaigns in Asia and has massed vast land from other countries. Japan even invaded China and pushed deep into their land. Their territorial gains were huge. (MORE)

What was the background of the war of World War 2?

Germany had been humilitated from the defeat of World War 1, and Hitler used this to portray a hatred on Jews and a large-scale conquest. The German people were tricked by Hitler and then invaded several other countries. After the invasion of Poland, many countries jumped to its rescue (although Pol (MORE)

What wars lead to World War 2?

Well, the wars that were created in the World War II was the Holocaust, when the Soviet Union tried to spread communism throughout the entire world, the Vietnam War and the Korean War. I just learned this is History class :] so likee..hope it helpss.?? :DD

Who were Britain in war with in World War 2 and why?

Britain was at war with Germany because Germany tried to invade Britain. - This isn't the reason. Britain Poland and France signed a pact in August 1939 whereby Britain and France would support Poland should they be attacked by another European power. This was as a result of Czechoslovakia being ann (MORE)

What does World War I have that World War 2 does not have?

World war 1 had Trench Warfare and World war 2 didn't really have that, thus World War 2 was much more mobile. WW1 used chemical weapons, which WW2 didn't, mainly because Hiltler banned their use after he had experienced the terrible effects of gas when he served on The Western Front in WW1. WW2 (MORE)

What jobs were available to women before World War 2?

Women worked as nurses, switchboard operators, secretaries and receptionists, in businesses like clothing stores, or places like Woolworth's, Newberry's, Grant's and other stores needing women clerks. The really young ones would work at soda counters, movie theaters or as babysitters. Some women ran (MORE)

What was not available during world war 2?

Foods were rationed because they needed the food for the fighting warriors and for the United Kingdom. . Tires were rationed because they needed the rubber for the military vehicles and other things. . Gasoline was severely rationed because the "war machine" used hundreds of thousands of gasoline (MORE)

Why was there a war in World War 2?

The war in the Pacific happened because the Japanese wanted oil from the United States but we wouldn't give them any i guess. The war in Europe happened because Adolf Hitler wanted to control the world. Start of Pacific war: 1941 Start of Europe war: 1936?

Where was the war of World War 2?

As the name "World War" suggests, it involved most of the world. Major areas of combat included Europe, Africa, Asia, with some combat in North and South America.

When was first atomic bomb available after World War 2?

August 18, 1945 four days after the surrender. Had the Japanese not surrendered it would have probably been dropped sometime between August 24 to 28. It was returned to Los Alamos and either became the first atomic bomb in the US stockpile, or was dismantled.

Did children in world war 2 have bananas?

Not in the UK. Due to rationing the only fruit available was that grown in Britain e.g. apples, pears, and strawberries. Bananas, oranges, peaches and other imported fruit were not available.