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When were bananas available after World War 2?

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The Labour government decreed a national banana day in 1946. Every child should have a banana that day. This was the first banana I ever had.
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How was World War 2 a 'total war'?

World War II was a total war because it was not simply limited to the battlefield or even the troops. It was a total war because it involved everyone. Innocent civilians died

Who declared war on who and why in World War 2?

It began when the UK and France declared war on Germany in 1939 in response to their invasion of Poland, although Japan and China had already been at war for two years by that

War supplies in World War 2?


What were the new 3 applainces available to Americans after World War 2?

washing machines were very popular when they first became widely available in the late 1940s. The first ones had a tub agitator and an electric ringer on the side, to squeeze

How was World War 2 a just war?

The Allies were justified in their actions to defend themselves, whether it was in response to being attacked directly (as with the US) or in trying to curb Nazi aggression th

What was the war after World War 2?

The "war" after World War II was the mainly covert conflict called  the Cold War. The first major war included in that conflict  (communists vs anti-communists) was the Kore

What countries were at war in World War 2?

Allies: America Great Britain USSR China Australia Serbia Canada Poland Axis: Germany Italy Japan Hungary Austria Other countries that were in ww

What was the Cold War of World War 2?

The cold war actually tookj place after ww2, it was an aproxy war between the democratic US and Communist Russia, when russia tried to take over another countries gov. then th

Is World War 2 the longest war?

No, the Hundred Years War was - 116 years long.

Why were bananas rationed in world war 2?

In the UK there was no need to ration bananas because there weren't any. Imports were for essentials only and bananas aren't essential.

What war came after World War 2?

the first large scale war after WW2 was the Korean conflict even though the US only called it a "police action". American humorist Richard Armour pointed out that we rapidly r

Why was there a war in World War 2?

The war in the Pacific happened because the Japanese wanted oil from the United States but we wouldn't give them any i guess. The war in Europe happened because Adolf Hitler w

Why was World War 2 a world war?

At the start of World War II in 1939 it was limited to just a European war, with the British & French calling it a "phoney war". It wasn't until the wars of Asia & Europe join

Why was war World War 2 fought?

Germany under Adolf Hitler believed that they had been treated unfairly under the Treaty of Versailles. So in order to obtain what was rightfully Germany's, Adolf Hitler sent