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Dachau, the first concentration camp, opened on 22 March 1933 - less than two months after Hitler came to power.
In April 1933 small concentration camps sprang up in all kinds of places, but most these were later closed by mid 1934.
From 1937 additional camps were built, starting with Buchenwald.
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What is a concentration camp?

Answer   A concentration camp is a large detention center created for political opponents, aliens, specific ethnic or religious groups, civilians of a critical war-zone,

Who created the first concentration camp?

The modern concentration camp was actually created in the Boer War of 1899-1902. In an effort to restrain and subdue the Afrikaners from their persistent guerrilla tactics

What were concentration camps?

I believe you are referring to the concentration camps in which the holocaust played a major role during, and before the second world war. Concentration camps like Dachau, B

What did they do in concentration camps?

They worked hard for 12 hours a day with only one meal. most of them died from satrving to death and posion gas that they put in these small gas rooms. -ww2 man-

What Were Camp Rules At Concentration camps?

Work or die. No unauthorized talking. No eating meat. No personal possessions. No complaining. No hesitating to follow orders. No religious services or ceremonies.

Are fema camps concentration camps?


What do they do at a concentration camp?

They took people to concentration camps in order to work them to death through manual labor. At some camps they killed prisoners with chemicals or other physical means. they

Why were concentration camps created?

  Concentration camps were created to exterminate all "non normal" people.(not germans.) they had this ides that all blonde hair blue eyed people were superior over all th

Why were the concentration camps be concentrated mostly in Germany?

Answer   They were really not concentrated in Germany. Ten of the twenty-three major concentration camps created by the Axis in World War Two were located in Poland,

What was the camp concentration camp called?

There where multiple concentrstion camps during the holocaust. The fisrt concentration camp was called Dachau Concentration camp. It is the only camp which operated from March

What is a death camp or concentration camp?

A death camp, or extermination camp is one that was specifically designed for murdering. The six death camps were: Auschwitz-BirkenauBelzecSobiborTreblinkaMajdanekChelmno A

What is is a concentration camp?

concentration camp 1. A camp where civilians, enemy aliens, political prisoners, and sometimes prisoners of war are detained and confined, typically under harsh conditions.

What do you do in the concentration camp?

The main principal behind the use of concentration camp inmates was what was called at the Wansee Conference "Annihilation by work". They worked the inmates until they literal