When will Jesus Christ come back?

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Many Christians believe that Jesus will return before the end of time, and some even say his return is imminent. In fact, hundreds of prophecies have told us when he would return, and each one was wrong. In Mark's Gospel, Jesus assured his listeners that he would return on clouds of glory within the lifetimes of some of those listeners. Even earlier than Mark's Gospel, Paul was convinced that he would live to see the end of time, so much so that he said that Christians had little time remaining and if not already married should not do so.

This still had not happened by the time Matthew's Gospel was written in the 80s of the first century, so the wording of Mark's prophecy was changed to mean something different and it is emphasised that no one knows when he will return. Some see the Book of Revelation as contain a promise of those times, but this is for the distant future, so we will not know in our own lifetimes if Jesus will return. Perhaps it is not really important whether or not the promise of Jesus' return is ever kept.
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