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When you crack a grade AA egg and a grade A egg in separate bowls why does the grade AA egg spread out more than the grade A egg scientifically or don't say its because its a different type of egg?

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the grade A egg should spread out more then a grade AA egg not the other way around. perhaps the grade AA egg you used was older then the A grade egg.If you bot a grade AA egg now, in a week it will be a grade A egg. the older they get the softer the yolk gets. if the eggs where classed at the same time then The grade A egg should spreads out more, the classification of eggs is by exterior and interior quality, in a AA egg the yolk and white is firmer then an A grade, and an A grade is firmer then a B grade. this can be because of the age of the egg, the health and age of the chicken, the temperature the egg has been exposed to. the grade of eggs is determent by lights, cameras and sonic instruments at the sorting plant. Because it is a different type of egg.
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What is the difference between a grade a and a grade AA egg?

  The main difference between "Grade A" and "Grade AA" is the diameter of the air cell. "Grade AA" eggs have an air cell that measures less than 1/8 of an inch. The shells

Are grade AA eggs better than grade A?

  The grading of eggs is done by "candling" in which a light is shown through the egg to determine the quality of the contents. If the yolk is unbroken and round then it

What is the difference between grade A and AA eggs?

  Mostly, age. Eggs will only be AA for about two weeks after laying, then they become A. In the very fresh eggs, the white is thicker and not so runny and the yolk sits h

What is egg grading?

It is the determination of the size, appearance and quality of an egg, as established in the US by the American Egg Board. Grade AA is the best quality, best used for frying

How do you grade an egg?

 Grade A   Thick white  Round, well centered yolk  Small air cell (less than 5 mm deep)  Clean, uncracked shell with normal shape  Grade B  These eggs are mostly us

What are grades in eggs and meat?

In eggs: Grade A eggs must have a thick white, a round yolk in the center, little air, and an uncracked, clean shell. Grade B eggs have a flatter yolk, thinner white, and the