What is a web browser?

A web browser is commonly referred to as a browser. It is asoftware application which is used to retrieve, present and passover information using the world wide web. Client ru (MORE)

How can you delete nuisance sites from your web browser?

Close all windows, right click the bar at the bottom of the screen (start bar), click properties, at the top click start menu, then click customize, then at the top click adva (MORE)

What does a web browser do?

It simply browses the web... which is obvious but really it shows the content of the internet (The thing is that you are probably using a web browser now to see this)

What are web browsers?

Web browsers are applications that let you view webpages. Most Windows systems come with Internet Explorer.

How do you get web browser?

You find it on the internet which is kind of hard if you don't have a web browser but you are using this website and so you already have one ( Windows - Probably Internet Expl (MORE)

Which web browser was the first browser?

The first web browser in the history of the world was WorldWideWeb, and it was created by Nexus on February 26th, 1991. During that time, very few of the world's people were u (MORE)