When you give birth where does the baby come out?

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If you deliver naturally, it will come out of your vagina, which can stretch an awful lot to fit a baby's head. If you don't deliver naturally, but have a cesarian section instead, the baby will be delivered through an incision in you belly.
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How do you give birth a baby boy?

There is a 50% chance of receiving a boy. However it can not always be the type of gender that you would like. I suggest that you be grateful for what you would receive out of your womb as you do not have the power to choose what you get. No there is no reliable method of making sure your baby is (MORE)

How do you give birth to a baby?

You go to the hospital and have it the natural way or if the baby is to big they cut your tummy open. Some people like having a home birth instead.

Do dolphins give birth to live babies?

Yes they are Mammals so give birth to baby dolphins, like other mammals give birth. Yes, dolphins give birth to live young. They are mammals, belonging to the cetacean family (which includes whales) and all cetaceans give birth to live young.

What is the probability of giving birth to a baby girl?

You have a 1 in 2 chance of having a girl. No matter how many boys you have had in the past or how many girls you have had in the past, each pregnancy presents the opportunity to have a girl or a boy with a 50% chance. The sperm does not know that it had already produced ,say, 5 boys and needs to pr (MORE)

What are some animals that give birth to babies?

There are many animals that are viviparous, meaning they have live births. These include mammals (lions, horses, humans, mice, bats, etc.) and some reptiles (certain species of snakes, for instance).

Are you out of breath after giving birth to a baby?

Not really. Your pulse and respirations come back to normal veryquickly. Your blood pressure could go up during delivery and maytake a few hours to return to normal. Note: Moms suffering fromToxemia will be carefully monitored.

What happens when giving birth to a baby?

Many things happen when giving birth to a baby. Is there something in particular that you want to know? Are you wanting to know about a vaginal birth or a cesarean section?

Does a snake give birth to live babies?

No, it is a reptile and lays eggs. I once seen a Copperhead give birth to LIVE babies, So I would disagree and say it depends on the snake's breed. Some do, some don't: It depends on what type of snake.

How can you give birth to a baby girl?

It is said that the "Shettles" method is best. Have sex everyday from the end of your period until 3 days before you ovulate. Then no unprotected sex after ovulation. Something to do with "girl " sperm surviving longer than " boy. " The same way you do a boy.

Process to give birth to baby?

Birth: . This process is different in different mammals,in human beings it is as follows . 1-The Labor begins: . As labor begins, rhythmic uterine contractions begin weakly and grow progressively stronger. Each contraction shortens the muscle fibers in the uterus, pulling the cervix (uterine open (MORE)

How long do elephants give birth to their babies?

Elephants have an extremely long gestation period. They become sexually mature at around the age of 13 years. Their gestation period lasts for 22 months at the end of which one single calf is born. Female elephants usually prefer stronger, larger males to ensure greater chances of survival for their (MORE)

Do lemmings give birth to live babies?

Yes, they do. Lemmings are mammals (rodents) and also nurse theiryoung. The average litter for most lemming species is 3 to 8 pups.Large litters and early sexual maturity can cause populationexplosions over a period of a few months.

Ways to give birth to a baby?

There 2 simply ways to do it: 1. Vaginally- Its going to hurt at the moment. 2. C-Section- Its going to hurt after.

Do plants give birth to babies too?

No. That is a simple question and the answer is obvious. Do you see plants "Giving Birth to seeds?" No. I thought not. Seeds are just there. They fall off when they are ready.

Why do women give birth to babies?

Human females have ovaries, eggs, and a uterus (womb), and so, they are the only one of the human species who can conceive, carry, and birth a child. In the most simplistic terms, women give birth so we can have more people in the world.

Can a horse give birth to 2 babies?

yes a horse can give birth to 2 babies but its rare it does not really happen with selected breeding as sometimes if a mare is pregnant with more than one then sometimes one will be removed to give the remaining baby a better chance of survival, but in the wild they do sometimes have more than one

How many babies can a koala give birth?

Koalas do not give birth to cubs. Bears give birth to cubs, and koalas are not bears. Koalas give birth to joeys . Generally, only a single joey is born at a time, but twins have been observed.

Is it painful giving birth to a baby?

Every women is different. Although many women say it's probably one of the worst pains ever imagined. But luckily now women have a choice of recieveing epidural which really numbs them and makes it easier to give birth.

How long after giving birth should you give milk to baby?

The best practice is that once the newborn baby's condition is stabilized, the baby should be brought to the mother's breast and be allowed to nurse. To continue that best care of the infant, it should exclusively breastfed for the first year of its life. After that, the child can be fed other foods (MORE)

Where do anacondas give birth to their babies?

During breeding, the anacondas often cluster in a breeding ball that may consist of 2-12 males coiled around one female. The snakes can stay like this for 2-4 weeks. Like all snakes, green anacondas reproduce sexually and use internal fertilization. Mating periods typically occur between April and M (MORE)

Can O mother give birth to A baby?

Yes. Blood type is the common product of three different alleles: Co-dominant I A , and I B , and the recessive i. If the mother has blood type O, she has the alleles ii. Her offspring will have blood type A if the father donates an I A allele. For this, he must be blood type A (I A I A or I (MORE)

Can an alcoholic give birth to a small baby?

Potentially. But not very likely. Alcoholics are very unlikely to be able to hold a full 9-month pregnancy unless they have fully recovered from the drink, because excessive alcohol causes miscarriages and stillbirth. Drinking during pregnancy is also linked to: . Prolonged pregnancy pains . (MORE)

Can babies give birth?

No. It takes the body to develop and produce the proper hormones. This doesn't happen until about 12 years old when people hit puberty.

How can you lose your baby before you give birth?

If you WANT to it's called an abortion, and it's not advised totry to create one yourself. Go see a doctor. . If you DIDN'T want to it's called a miscarriage, and quite oftenthere's no good answer to why they happen.

Do fish give birth to babies?

Most breeds of fish lay eggs from which the young eventually hatch.There are some species of fish, known as live-bearers, that retainthe fertilized eggs inside the female, and only release the youngonce they are ready to emerge and swim away.