When you pop your cherry do you miss your period?

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You don't have a cherry and nothing pops. You can tear your hymen but this is nothing more than tissue around the vaginal opening so has nothing to do with your period at all. This is like asking if you get a paper cut will you miss your period, the two things are totally unrelated.

Your period can be delayed due to many factors. The chemistry of your body has changed, stress and the fact that you probably lost some blood already. Mine was delayed for a few weeks and I was not pregnant. Taking a pregnancy test eliminates other factors as well. If you had sex during your "infertile time" (week or so before your period starts; "dry time") you probably need not worry, but pregnancy at this time is not completely impossible either.
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Does your period delay after you get your cherry popped?

Yes, your chemistry will be altered and must change. Answer why does you perid delay after you have a baby Answer Yes, it can delay it for up to a few weeks. Mine was d

Cherry popped or period?

Losing your virginity can make you spot a bit but not bleed as much as a menstruation for days. Most don't bleed at all.

Will you get your period after having your cherry popped?

You don't have a cherry and nother pops, this is a ridiculous termused by children which is also grossly inaccurate - this refers tothe hymen tearing, but the hymen doesn't al

How long does it take to get your period after your cherry is popped?

You don't have a cherry and nothing pops, this is a childish termto descrihbe the hymen tearing - the hymen is tissue that surroundsthe vaginal opening, although it can allow

Can you pop a girls cherry on the last day of her period?

Girls and women do not have cherries, and nothing pops. Girls and women have hymens, their hymens can be worn away,stretched, or torn partly of fully at any point during thei