When you push the recall button your HDTV shows 480i not 720p or 1080i is this HD programming?

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Not HD Programing
480i is the standard television picture resolution and it isn't an HD signal.

Your TV is telling you what it's reading from the signal. You may be able to change it, but then again, it could just be a 480i signal for that particular program. Just because you have HD cable or are getting HD off the air, not every program will be in high definition.
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What is the difference between 720p and 1080i?

720p and 1080i are both high definition television formats and both use the same data rate. The two different resolutions were adopted into the HD specifications and any HD te

Will standard 480i cable programs look OK on HDTV?

Yes. They will not look "bad" by any means, but it won't look fantastc either. It mostly depends on your service provider. Time warner is the worst picture quality out there.

What is better 720p or 1080i?

720p is a resolution of 1280x720 in progressive scan, meaning that the image is refreshed 50 or 60 times each second. 1080i is a resolution of 1920x1080 but is interlaced, mea

Can you view 1080i on 720p tv?

All HD telelvisions should be able to display all HD formats. Many HD telelvisions use 768 lines as their native format although an increasing number are now 1080 line. Far fe

What is correct way to get a Blu-ray disc to play in a 1080i hdtv with HD sound and picture on a Blu-ray player?

The way to get your blu ray disc to play in 1080i on a blu ray player set up to a sony bravia hdtv or hdtv is you just put it in the blu ray player when you have the tv and bl

On a 480p 1080i HDtv will HD DVD and or Blu-ray play 1080i through component?

i was actually able to find the answer myself. component cable red green blue can handle 1080 p and i, and 720 just fine. the problem is all DVD upconverters and blu ray playe

Can you view 720p on 1080i tv?

High definition 720p video can be viewed on a 1080i TV as they areboth compatible. Higher definition 1080p is more commonly used inmost newer televisions.

Does 1080i signal give a sharper picture than 720p signal on an HDTV set?

Well, in my opinion 720p. But, technally speaking, 1080i is the better resloution.. The sharpness of picture will be as follows from the sharpest to the least sharp:. Watchi

What is the difference between a 720p and a 1080i HDTV sets?

All flat panel HDTVs (i.e., plasma and LCD), as opposed to CRT tube sets, are inherently progressive in nature. For marketing reasons, however, some manufacturers promote 720p

Is ABC broadcasting in 1080i or 720p?

Yes as are all the major networks. This doesn't mean every program is recorded in the 1080 standard, some might be 720 or less. If the original program was not recorded in 108

How do you convert from 480i to 1080i on a tv?

You can't covert from one standard to the other. If the HDTV is a 1080 type, it will display that signal when present and display a 720 when it is present. A 720 HDTV will nev

What if your HDTV will not stay in the 1080i mode why?

1080i is a signal format. Although most HD televisions have a display resolution of 1080 lines, this is different to the signal format of an incoming signal. When a television

Does the ps3 with games that only support 720p look better on an sdtv or and old HDTV that only supports 1080i resolution?

PS3 looks better with the best HDTV and Connection available, but will look better on a HDTV with only the provided A/V 480i standard connection because it is a better TV. Qui