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When you told your boyfriend he had bruised you after 'manhandling' you during an argument he got very angry again and threatened to hurt you further were you wrong to bring it to his attention?

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I am not making excuses for him, but he probably got more angry when you showed him because he was embarrassed and suprised at himself. BUT...it was not OK for him to leave bruises or "manhandle" you just because he was angry. You need to try to talk to him about it. If he gets angry again, you will probably have to leave. Tell him you are not trying to make him angry or upset, but you just want to show him how hard he grabbed you, so he won't do it again because you know he wouldn't want to do that to you. If he gets angry or violent, you'll have to leave him to stop it from happening to you again. He may need to go into counseling if it is a regular thing. If it is, you will need some counseling with him and separate. It's better for the relationship that way. Answer Physical abuse (battering) is wrong. Threatening another with physical abuse is wrong. He probably regarded your words as indirect criticism. Abusers hate criticism and react to it - try to drown it - with additional abuse.
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