When you turn the heater on should the outside unit be running?

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Yes if you have electric heat and it is a heat pump. A heat pump is essentially a AC unit that reverses itself to rejecting heat indoors or outdoors.
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How long should your pool pump and heater run each day?

Let's start with the pump first: . The pool pump needs to run long enough each day to filter all ofthe water in the pool at least once. Twice is better. Three timesor more is wasting electricity. Some people will debate thesenumbers, but they are a good rule of thumb and an excellent placeto start. (MORE)

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Should there always be water on the ground after you turn the car off from running your ac unit if no water on the ground does that mean theres a problem its a 1991 Chevy cavalier?

Answer . When an AC cools the air, moisture from the air condenses on the cold evaporator coils. That condensate drips from the coils to a catch pan and drips out the bottom through a specially designed drip tube. If the air is too dry to give up any moisture to condensation you MAY not see any c (MORE)

Should the water heater be turned off if the water is shut off at the meter?

Answer . It May Be A Good Idea To Turn It Off As Long As It Remains Near Full It Would Be OK. Just Incase Turn It Off. That Way The Top Element Will Not Be In Open Air( Not Covered With Water ). Which Will Cause It To Burn Out. Also When Water Is Turned Back On. Turn On The Hotwater & Let It Ru (MORE)

What is wrong when thermostat is turned off and outside unit is still running for hours and the line on the unit is frozen?

This condition can badly damage your compressor outside by what isknown in the profession as liquid refrigerant slug back. I stronglyrecommend you cut the breaker off to the unit outside until thereason for this situation is found and fixed. As for the problems cause itself. There are a multitude of (MORE)

What size breaker should you use if you have a 1500 and a 1000 watt heater run together?

Answer . The size of the breakers depends on the voltage.. According to the NFPA electrical standard (USA),. if the two heaters you describe are "120 volt plug-in" then they are not allowed on the same circuit. Two circuits are needed.. The largest general use circuit allowed for 120 volt rec (MORE)

Should your outdoor HVAC compressor run when your heater is on?

no sounds like your wires are crossed at your thromsthat Answer If you have a heat pump system, YES the compressor should run. You can find out if the system is a heat pump usually by looking at the thermostat. Heat pump thermostats usually have "Cool-Off-Heat-Emergency Heat" on the system switch. (MORE)

Should you shade your outside AC unit?

According to this web site: http://www.homeenergy.org/archive/hem.dis.anl.gov/eehem/95/950904.html shading your AC unit makes little difference, if any. Here's the deal, you save money if the air an AC unit pulls in is cooler--the unit doesn't need to expend as much money cooling the air to the des (MORE)

Ac fan on the inside is not running but outside unit fan is on?

The inside fan blows air through the ac coils to cool the air. Itshould be on a separate breaker or fuse circuit from the outsideunit. See if there is a fuse box on the side of the inside unit andcheck the breakers in the house main breaker box. Also standquietly beside the inside unit and listen fo (MORE)

What should you do if your heater is blowing cold air when you turn it on on your 1999 Ford Expedition?

Sounds like the common blend door failure on the Expedition. The problem is either with the heater core not getting hot, or the blend door not diverting air through the core. The heater core is difficult to change on the Ford trucks. They have it buried in the plenum box and you have to remove th (MORE)

What outside temp will damage ac unit if it is running?

Temperature will not damage unit. If a/c is needed during periods of low ambient temperatures controls should be added. The added controls will simulate normal temperatures by cycling or modulating the condenser fan motor to maintain proper condensing pressure/ temperature, etc. These are common on (MORE)

Split unit air conditioner outside unit not running. Inside comes on - air blows not cold - outside unit buzzes?

the buzzing is probably your contactor. there are two 18 gauge wires going to your contactor coil the two wires will follow your line set out of your house and into AC to the contactor coil. usually red and white. or blue and yellow. make sure you have 24 volts with your volt meter (T-stat must be c (MORE)

What would cause a home air conditioner and heater to run at the same time when turning on the heater?

IF THIS IS NOT A HEAT PUMP SYSTEM... COULD BE; thermostat connecting(calling for) heat and cool together. connnection problem in wires- or bad thermostat. find wiring diagram for t-stat, read up on checking voltage in thermostat in the heat-or cool mode. they are separate. does t-stat have se (MORE)

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Should you put baseboard heaters on an outside wall instead of an inside wall and why?

Outside wall is going to be the coldest, has the windows that let cold in. For comfort, you want the heat on the outside wall. ( To add to my fellow compatrons statement ) You should consider placing them under major window areas on outer walls with major drafts through the windows as well. Windows (MORE)

What causes the inside unit to turn on with out the outside unit turning on?

There are a few instances that will allow ( I am assuming when your saying inside unit you are referring to the the circulation fan for your building ) the inside unit to run. Check the "mode" on your thermostat. Is selected to auto fan? this will allow the the fan to run continuously regardless if (MORE)

Should a hot water heater run in the night?

Yes. A hot water heater will heat your water to a desired temperature (adjustable dial on the water heater itself) then when it cools down it will fire up and reheat the water. it doesn't 'have' to run at night. you could turn it down to its lowest setting (which it'll still run) and save energy. bu (MORE)