When you turn the heater on should the outside unit be running?

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Yes if you have electric heat and it is a heat pump. A heat pump is essentially a AC unit that reverses itself to rejecting heat indoors or outdoors.
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When should you turn on your Christmas lights outside?

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What is wrong when thermostat is turned off and outside unit is still running for hours and the line on the unit is frozen?

This condition can badly damage your compressor outside by what isknown in the profession as liquid refrigerant slug back. I stronglyrecommend you cut the breaker off to the u

Should you shade your outside AC unit?

According to this web site: http://www.homeenergy.org/archive/hem.dis.anl.gov/eehem/95/950904.html shading your AC unit makes little difference, if any. Here's the deal, you

Ac fan on the inside is not running but outside unit fan is on?

The inside fan blows air through the ac coils to cool the air. Itshould be on a separate breaker or fuse circuit from the outsideunit. See if there is a fuse box on the side o

What causes the inside unit to turn on with out the outside unit turning on?

There are a few instances that will allow ( I am assuming when your saying inside unit you are referring to the the circulation fan for your building ) the inside unit to run.