When your bearded dragon inflates it's stomach what is it doing?

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It feels threatened so it will make itself look bigger by doing that and when they make their throat black, that is to make them seem scary.
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Does a bearded dragon shed it's skin?

Yes. An adult will shed its skin every 6-8 weeks.. A baby will shed throughout its growth cycle. Sometimes as often as every 2 weeks. It will also do an entire body shed. As

How do you inflate stomach?

why in the heck would you want to inflate your stomach? when you are giving cpr and its done the wrong way air is forced into your stomach and thats a bad thing so i believe y

How do you inflate your stomach?

To inflate ur stomach you have to pump air in to it. One way is through the mouth or through the anus. Personally it is easier to go in through the anus. It although might hur
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What dos a bearded dragon help with?

after the years of having bearded dragons breeding them and stuff like that well what i think is that some bearded dragons have the own mood now mine bearded dragon well he th
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What does it mean when a bearded dragon puffs up his stomach?

When a bearded dragon puffs up it's stomach it usually means one of two things. First thing, which is the more common, is taking up heat. A beardie will always make itself
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How long can your bearded dragon stay out of it's enclosure?

It depends how warm your house is. if you keep it really warm, you should be able to keep it out for a long time, but remember, they are cold blooded so it is best to make sur
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Do bearded dragons get stomach aches?

Yes bearded dragons can get stomach aches due to: Eating mealworms, meal worms have hard exoskeletons with very little meat andcan make your bearded dragon constipated, Over f