Where and when did Homo sapiens sapiens first appear?

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They first appeared when god created Adam and Eve and sent them down to the world....which was mabey millions of years ago.
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When did Homo sapiens appear?

There is no guaranteed time when Homo sapiens appeared. Historianscan't classify a time when the first form of people arrived. So,basically there is no answer to your question

When did homo sapien first appear?

Today it is believed that the homo sapiens first appeared 1million years ago. They first showed up in the Cenozoic Era, the Quaternary period, and in the Peilstocene Epoch.

How did Homo sapiens first hunt?

Mostly as a scavenger (eating the dead meat for other animal kills). Homo sapiens could throw rocks at small prey, they could cooperate and stampede herds off of cliffs.