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Where are Selena's death pics?

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Follow the related link to one of Selena's websites, which is the #1 choice when it comes to photos throughout her life.
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What is the story about Selena's death?

Selena was a famous singer who was American/Mexican then April 2,1995 a gun shoot made us tear her manager ran a fan club and that Selena had all the attention and then she we

What was Selena's net worth before death?

I think about 5 and 10 million. ^^ that's kinda wrong she left her family with 800 million dollars once she died so her net worth was about 25 million a year

What was in Selena's will?

She didnt Have a will She died of being shot its not like she had time to make a will she doesnt know she was going to be shot.

Who Are Selena's Cousin's?

Selena Gomez's cousins are:      Pricsilla Deleon    Aryel Gomez    Brandon Newsom    Megan Gomez    Lucy Da Silva        That's all there is