Where are all the C4 bombs are hidden in Metal Gear Solid?

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In the armory place where you are close to baker [ArmsTech] behind a wall
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What is the best way to find all the frogs in Metal Gear Solid 3?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nUse the audio amplifier thing. and wear the uniform with the ducks. i think its called the GA-KO uniform. It makes the frogs croak. Use the amplifier to pinpoint on where they are.\n. \nThe Official Stratergy Guide has a whole section dedicated to this, each section of the (MORE)

Metal gear solid?

Metal Gear is the name of the bi-pedal tank the game's, Metal Gear Solid, main mission is based around, the Solid part comes from Solid Snake: the main character.

What is Metal Gear Solid?

It's a game that originally was released on the 3DO then on thePlayStation 1 console. And it's one of the greatest games of alltime.

Metal gear solid 4?

yes. guns of the patriots. no metal gear solid is a game of shooting not about 1 gun. The edited answer above me doesnt get it.......The full title is (Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns Of The Patiots) It is about Solid Snake on his final mission before death!!!

Will there be a metal gear solid 5?

Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be released on September 24th 2010 and will be the final game and the first game from the MGS series to be released on Xbox, (cause PS3 is better!) Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker is effectively a Sub-Series following Naked Snake or John who is Solid and Liquid Snakes gen (MORE)

Metal gear solid online?

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has an online component called "Metal Gear Online". Metal Gear Solid 3 also had MGO with MGS3 Subsistence, but currently is not online.

What is Metal Gear solid 4 about?

It is about the main character solid snake trying to kill his his brother liquid who is controlling another main villain's body and to stop him from controlling an immense army by nanomachines inside them. I definitely recommend it for fans of shooters, stealth, and of the MGS series.

The Metal Gear Solid games are cool?

Yes MGS games are very cool. It is not an average shooter game. It was the game that set the standard for Stealth games everywhere. It requires stealthy tactics over brute strength to beat it. Please buy or rent MGS or MGS: The Twin snakes first because like a book or a movie you will not underst (MORE)

What is the plot of the metal gear solid saga?

metal gear solid 1 is about the back round to snake the main playable character. 2 is about the parirtots and the creation of the next null or cyborg ninja. 3 is about big boss the most legendary solider.

Who were the patriots in Metal Gear Solid 4?

The Patriots was a computer program run from a satellite. It was created by Major Zero. It controlled the flow of information. One day it went haywire and decided to make the world economy based on war. Thus, the events of MGS4 occurred.

Where do you get items in metal gear solid 2?

You start out with a hand full and some are given to by other character as you progress through the game, however, most items are sprawled out throughout the game and you have to find them. Your support (people you contact on the codec) will tell you where immediately important are. But remember a r (MORE)

Is metal gear solid coming out for the PC?

no, konami is too proud of sony to give it away to Microsoft (the xbox company).... Sorry to ruin your thunder but it did come out as Metal Gear Solid Integral. You can probably buy it on Ebay :P

How does Metal Gear Solid End?

theres four metal gear solids the first one ends with you and otacon escaping in metal gear ray the seconed ends with raiden defeating solidus who claims to be big boss the third ends with you defeating your mother aka the boss and the fourth ends with you (old snake) blowing up the gw ai and winnin (MORE)

Metal gear solid 5?

As of now, there is no Metal Gear Solid 5. However, Metal Gear Solid: Rising is coming out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with an unconfirmed release date. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be on the PSP, and will be released May 25th of this year.

What are all of the masks you can unlock in Metal Gear Solid 4?

Big Boss (Solidus) (Big Boss Emblem Needed), Mgs1 (Get to act four complete/ exit the heliport on shadow moses), Face Camo (Defeat Laghing Octopus), All 4 beuties (Use Tranqs On Them), Radien A and B (Shock/ ram naomi and Sunny in mission briefing with mark 2), Roy Cambell (go to mission Brefing at (MORE)

How do you defeat all the bosses in Metal Gear Solid 4?

The first boss you come across is laughing octopus she is fairly easy if you played previous mgs game's and know the controls.The way to beat is when you start off if you have an assault rifle or machine gun use that if you got the big boss emblem which i did you get the patriot which is shown in mg (MORE)

Is metal gear solid good?

that question is debatable, but if you enjoy a game with a deep story and story's of spy's and espionage, on top of a combat system that relies more on staying in the shadows and sneaking your way through than bludgeoning every bad guy in your way this may be a very enjoyable game for you.

What is metal gear solid rated?

The 1998 PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid from Konami is rated M for mature by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) for the following reasons: animated blood and gore, animated violence, and mature sexual themes.

Will there be a new metal gear solid?

OK,look. Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of the Patriots came out June 2008. Actually I already finished the game. However, Snake only has half a year to live at the end of MGS4. Also, the war is over; Liquid , Ocelot, and Zero are all dead. Appearantly, Big Boss survives but is not hostile to Snake.

What is the ending in Metal Gear Solid?

The ending depends on your choice when being torchered by Revolver Ocelot. If you give in to the torcher, it will end with Meryl dying and Snake getting out of the base with Otacon after fighting Liquid (This choice also gets you Stealth Camoflauge) and if you don't give into the torture, Meryl will (MORE)

Is metal gear solid for psp?

Yes, The games are Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and Metal Gear solid: Portable Ops 2, There is also a card themed MGS for the PSP which wasn't really good, But was an essential for Die Hard collectors, If you eBay them, You may be able to find them pretty cheap.

How do you play metal gear solid?

It is a stealth game, which means you sneak, if you are spotted you can either hide or use your weaponry (which you must find throughout the game). I hope that helps.

What is metal gear solid about?

metal gear solid is about(this si from first game skipping 2nd cuz the 3rd 1 dosent hav a lot to do with it) this terrorist group that takes over this base in Alaska that hold MG REX wich they are using to fire nukes. but, solid snake comes and fights all the bad guys and kills liqiud who is the lea (MORE)

What is metal gear solids story?

It's about a legendary hero named Naked Snake, starring David Hayter. In Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker, a scientist named Huey developed AI Weapons. They are so powerful that it could start all-out nuclear war and can launch a nuke. The weapons sometimes can be impossible to stop. It all started in (MORE)

How do you defeat null in Metal Gear Solid?

If you mean Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid 1, then you can throw chaff grenades. These disrupt his electronic parts and allow you to hit him without him fighting back for a few seconds. When you run out of chaff, just run in circles around the center of the room. While he's chasing you, suddenly t (MORE)

How do you get all of your weapons back in Metal Gear Solid 3?

This is one of the hardest moments in Metal Gear Solid 3 because you must not be detected. After escaping the Groznyj Grad torture room, head to your right and go through the door. now head west, go under the pipes into the sewer keep following the tunnel until a cut scene starts. After Snake jumps (MORE)

What does the Fulton do in metal gear solid for PSP?

The Fulton System is used to add more recruits to mother base. If you put one of the enemy soldiers to sleep, knock him out (unconscious), or firing your weapon at him until his status is near death (red skull), use the Fulton Recovery System on him and he will be extracted to Mother Base. This will (MORE)

What games are like Metal Gear Solid?

There are plenty of games similar games to Metal Gear Solid (sadly none as good in my opinion). The best of which are from either the: Splinter Cell or Syphon Filter Game Series. X

Where is the crevise in Metal Gear Solid 3?

It's a few stages (when you enter a stage, the screen turns black and it displays it's name in English and Russian) past the ruined warehouse (where you first meet Sokalov, Ocelot, and Eva) and it's just past a stage that has a enemy stronghold and weapons storage house. Immediately after the crev (MORE)

Where is the c4 at the bottom of strut a in Metal Gear Solid 2?

It is located underneath the submersible in the very first area youarrive in on the plant. Go to the edge of the railing adjacent tothe stairs leading to the lockers. Press against the railing andpress triangle to leap over the side. Shimmy your way right pastthe fence and press triangle again to le (MORE)

Is metal gear solid 1 the same as metal gear solid 2?

Well with any series there are many similarities but MGS and MGS2 are two different games. Differences: MGS is for the original PlayStation and MGS2 is made for PS2. MGS was released in 1998 and MGS2 was in 2001 MGS2 has improved graphics compared to MGS Different Story etc etc Simi (MORE)

Where is all the weapons in Metal Gear Solid?

The locations of the weapons in Metal Gear Solid for the Sony PlayStation are as follows: SOCOM - Back of truck in Helipad or in Tank Hangar FAMAS - In Armory after battle with Revolver Ocelot PSG-1 - In Armory after battle with Revolver Ocelot Stinger - In Communications Tower B Niki (MORE)

What is metal gear solid raising?

it's RISING, not raising. back to the question... Rising is the next MGS game in the series and in it you take the role of Raiden between MGS2 and 4 (MGS3 is a prequel).

Metal gear solid snake eater and metal gear solid substaince?

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the prequel to Metal Gear originally made in 1987. Featuring Naked Snake, AKA Big Boss during his missions in Cold War Russia. It features many of the same aspects of previous Metal Gear games including the camera and basic gameplay. But new survival features and r (MORE)

Who is Jack from metal gear solid?

jack is the known as big boss or naked snake and is the main character of mgs3 he is also the father of david (solid snake) because he was such a good agent they cloned him and the clone of jack were liquid snake and solid snake

Where was metal gear solid invented?

Metal Gear Solid was first published by Konami on September 3rd, 1998 in Japan. North American release date: Oct 21, 1998 EU release: Nov 16, 1998 That's when it was released. No clue as to when Hideo Kojima actually thought of the idea though.

How do you save in metal gear solid?

To save your game in Metal Gear Solid , press Select to activate the Codec. Then go to Memory and select Mei Ling, or dial 140.96 . You will then be given the option to Save.