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mainly its made from Canada, Mexico, or Hungary

- Canada class A (the best)
- Mexico class B (2nd high quality)
- hungary class c (low quality wont be like class A or B ) and mainly its cheaper than class A and B
The blackberry was made in Munich, Germany
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What phone system does Blackberry use?

Blackberry has its own operating system. It is called Blackberry OS. Blackberry's can use any phone system, like Verizon, AT&T, etc. All of those services offer the same kind

What country is the blackberry made in?

Blackberry is manufactured in Canada, Mexico & Hungary. Although you may think that the ones made in Canada are better than Mexico or Hungary. But there ain't a great differen

Are blackberry curves good phones?

Yes , there such good phones , ive had mine for quite a few days and mine is great !i enjoy going out and being able to look at facebook , and update my status all in one minu

Is blackberry developing an Android phone?

No. BlackBerry Smartphones do not run android, they run RIM's OS system. The most current one is Blackberry6 OS that is now running on the Blackberry Style, Torch, and Storm 2

Is blackberry an Android phone?

Unfortunately, the none of the BlackBerry series phones run  Android. This is because the company that owns BlackBerry has their  own OS for the BlackBerry. The OS for Black

Is blackberry smartphones made from Mexico?

yes some are made from Mexico like the blackberry bold but some are made by Canada and or Hungary

Where was blackberry phone invented?

Kithener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

What is the best phone iPhone or blackberry?

Do you even have to ask?! =) iPhone is clearly the best with "over half a million apps and counting" This amazing device can do much more than the blackberry and is a touchscr

Which company makes Blackberry phones?

Offering the capability of real time email in any location, the BlackBerry Smartphone has become a popular wireless handheld device. Designed and developed by the Canadian com

Who made the blackberry phones?

RIM (research in motion)

What is blackberry phone?

A BlackBerry is a smartphone produced by Research In Motion. They  were originally one of the first phones to support email and pushed  the boundaries in business tech so th

Is the Blackberry Bold a good phone?

Yes, I believe the Blackberry Bold is a good phone. Depending on  which year the phone was released (there are multiple versions of  the BlackBerry Bold), they have internet

Why blackberry phone is going to be banned in India?

(BlackBerry Enterprise Server) BES and (Blackberry Messenger Service) BMS allow communication between BlackBerry users in an encrypted form. These messages use complex encrypt

Can blackberry phones be traced?

All phones are traceable, it's only a matter of equipment. To ensure you are not pinpointed on a map, turn off your phone and remove the batteries.

Does Verizon carry blackberry phones?

Some of the Blackberry phones Verizon offers are the Curve 3G Smartphone, Bold 9650, Storm 2 9550 and the Curve 8530. Verizon also offers Blackberry plans that include 3-way c