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Where are good longboarding hills in Wayne county Michigan?

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there really arnt any good hills to learn downhill, but the city is a great way to learn how to manipulate the streets to learn how to street skate
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In Michigan what is the county seat of Ingham County?

The county seat of Ingham County is Mason. Michigan's capitol city, Lansing, is located in northwestern Ingham and northeastern Eaton counties (Charlotte is the county seat of

What longboards are good for a college campus?

A longboard that is comfortable on your feet and easy to push along. I suggest the carbon mummy because it' a good board for it. It is comfortable, easy to push, and on it you

Are atom longboards good?

It's not like their complete pieces of sh!t, if you want something to ride around on it's not like it's gunna break in half or the wheels are gunna come off........ But if ur

What features are good for longboards for rough roads?

If you are talking about comfortability, a good longboard for rough roads will generally have a good amount of flex to dampen vibrations, some big, soft wheels to absorb shock
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Which US states have Wayne County in them?

Some of the states are: Wayne County--Michigan, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska,