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Where are good longboarding hills in Wayne county Michigan?

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there really arnt any good hills to learn downhill, but the city is a great way to learn how to manipulate the streets to learn how to street skate
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What are good longboards?

for starters get the brand called sector nine but if you are experienced get a land yacht board or a loaded board

What is a good sector 9 longboard?

I have an even BETTER longboard for you it's called the sector 9 Shattered. Great Reliable board it has Gullwing trucks for sharp carves and has drop through trucks that g

How many same-sex couples have married in Wayne County Michigan?

None so far, it appears. Although it is legal for same-sex couplesto marry in any county in Michigan beginning March 21, 2014, thecounty clerk of this county has so far not op