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Where are some good arts and crafts shows in Kentucky?

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The only thing I have found so far is a list compiled by Gege Reed in the Courier-Journal, July 1, and they were only October festivals. I was thinking about starting one in Crofton, KY but I didn't want to take a weekend that was already taken (at least in the same vacinity).
  • Some good art and craft shows in and around Louisville are the Saint James Court Art Show held the first full weekend of October, the Slugger Field Art and Craft Show (I'm not sure when it is held or if that is the exact title), and several high school craft shows that I have been told produce good sales in the fall.

You could also contact Kentucky Crafted. They have a show of 300 exhibitors in March and also are connected with a state-wide program to help artists and crafters market their products.
Across the river from Louisville, New Albany has a big event called Harvest Homecoming in October. It's not just Arts and Crafts, but it draws a major crowd. There are also some other events around the New Albany vicinity that are not major events.
You can find other events by doing google searches for "art and craft events," "art and craft shows," or typing in the names of cities and towns, Kentucky. The home pages of specific towns usually have a tab for their festivals and events.
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