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Where are the cam seals on the 97 Plymouth Voyager?

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3.0 Liter six Cly Plymouth

1 -remove passenger side tire
2 -remove black rectangular plastic cover
3 -take the bolt out of the harmonic balancer and pull off
4 -un-bolt the a/c compressor and hang it in place with a bungee cord
5 -put jack under the engine to hold in place and remove the right side motor mount from inter fender
6 -take the 3 bolts out of the idler pulley & remove
7 -take the 5 bolts out of the motor mount attached to the engine & remove
8 -un-bolt the plastic cover that covers the crank and cam pulleys (gears)
9 -turn the tensioner pulley that holds the timing gear in place
10-take off the timing belt
11-remove the cam pulleys - seals are located behind pulley (gears)
12-remover the crank pulley (gear) - crank seal is located behind
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