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Where are the ears of a duck?

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Ducks have ears on the side of their head, but do not have ear-flaps (or pinnae). The opening to the ear is covered by a special set of feathers called ear coverts (or auriculars). Ducks can close the entrance to their ears when diving, so that water does not get in.
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What is a duck?

A duck is a waterfowl species related to geese and swans. There are species of ducks in most of the temperate climates of the world.

Are you a duck?

Quack once for yes. Do it very loud so the question asker can hear you on the other side of the planet. OK I'm going to duck after that answer........   Yes.    only o

What are ducks?

Any of about 50 species of short-legged waterbirds with webbed feet and flattened bills, of the family Anatidae, order Anseriformes, which also includes the larger geese and s

Do ducks have ears?

Yes: ducks, like all birds, have ears. Their earholes are hidden beneath their feathers.

What do ducks have?

A beak, an anus, and a nose! A beak, an anus, and a nose!

How do you get a duck?

You can get a duck by going to your local feed store and just buying a duckling. they are not very expensive and they make great pets if you want that much responsibility. I l

What to do if I were a duck?

many things - the world is your oyster. why not start with floating around on a lake and sporadically plunging your head into the water?
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What can ducks do?

This depends on what kind of ducks you have. Some of the basics are quacking, swimming, mating, eating, pooping, making loud noises, and waddling around. Certain ducks are bet