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Where are the pressure points on the body?

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Pressure points are nerve clusters located in many places in the body, such as in the solar plexus, there are over 100. Many Chinese medicine types of books wil have a chart that shows them, as do many martial arts books
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Where are orgasmic pressure points?

In the vagina or near the vagina if you look up there is a tiny spot or bumb called the GSPOT OR POINT/CLITORIS (clit)-as for short. You move ur finger over there and it can s

Where are all the pressure points in the human body?

The human body has several pressure points. One of these are a strike at the clavicle, which can disable your opponent's arm temporarily. For this next point, it doesnt matter

What are the pressure points on the body?

The American Heart Association has distinguished 11 known pressure  points on either side of the human body. In diagnosing  Fibromyalgia, doctors check eighteen specific poi

Where is the deadliest pressure point?

the deadliest point in human body is basically near the main supply artery of mind it's juggler vain a perfect finger hit with know how can make half dead or dead body second

Where is your pressure points?

on a certain place on your wrists, temples, and where your neck and shoulder connects. But if you try this method, not everybody will flinch. Some people may just "not have on

Sexual pressure points on a women?

the clit, gspot (if they have one and u can find it lol) and nipples     when you are both hot and aroused, grab her hips and apply a nice amount of pressure to her mi

What is the point pressure leak test?

The point pressure leak test, also known as the Valsalva leak test, measures the amount of abdominal pressure required to induce leakage

Can you kill someone with pressure points?

Yes, particularly true for those around the neck. Do it right (carotid arteries) and you can kill in under 10 seconds. (see the Godfather movie for the excellent timing show

Where are your pressure points?

your pressure points are on a bit to the right of ur shoulders push on them hard and you'll fall! also near the bottom of ur neck MT

What are the four major pressure points of the human body?

2 of the main pressure points are on either side of the neck. Another two are on either side under the collarbone. Another two are under the ribs on either side of the body ab

Where is the neck's fainting pressure point?

The human body is full of pressure points in various locations.  There a lot of points in the neck if struck properly can kill in  hours minutes or instantly. One is located

What do pressur points do?

pressure points are sensitive parts of your body eg. nerve clusters/endings or sensitive muscles, tenants or ligaments etc.When a nerve is pinched against a bone or muscle it