Where can I find legitimate translation companies?

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I think over internet you can find list of best translation companies providing their services all across the globe. Here are some of the popular ones for your reference:
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Is shipnwin a legitimate company?

Regarding ShipNWin They are not. They get you resume on job seeker sites like career builder and monster. com. They give a address of 50 Harrison St Hoboken, NJ which is th

Is city visas a legitimate company?

Very dis illuisoned with my application.handed over 360 euro only to be handed back my app twice,subsequentlly cancelled it. man from Cork ,Irreland

Where do you find legitimate paid to click companies?

To find ligetimate of ptc sites, you do the following: 1. Search Google for payment proof 2. Browse articles, read reviews that contain informativeinformation about the PTC
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How can you find out if a data entry from home company job is legitimate?

One can find out if a data entry from home company job is legitimate by calling the contact person listed on the job, checking that the e-mail of the contact person is a busin
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How do you find out that an online company is legitimate?

It can be difficult to tell if you are being scammed when online. One thing to do is to look for reviews of a company posted to different sites, people who have been scammed