Where can I find legitimate translation companies?

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I think over internet you can find list of best translation companies providing their services all across the globe. Here are some of the popular ones for your reference:
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How can you verify if a company is legitimate?

Ask for a copy of the tax I.D # You can find out if a company is legitimate or not by checking it out at the website of the Better Business Bureau; see the link below. When I am checking on a business, I like to go to www.bbb.com That is the better business Bureau and they will grade businesse (MORE)

Is PaidSurveysOnline a legitimate company?

Paid Surveys Etc. is just a directory of online surveys companies that you can easily locate yourself for free. Or if you want it easy and pay them 34.95 for their directory, you can probably make enough money from surveys in about a year to pay for it.

Is Hollywood profile a legitimate company?

No do not avail of the services offered by hollywoodprofiles.com or enertainmentholdingsinc.com , they are both owned by the same person. The whole thing is misleading, advertising in job listings when in fact it is a subscription which doesn't ensure or guarantee any work. There seems to be difficu (MORE)

Is the company Survey Bank legitimate?

No!!! They give you a list of companies where you can take other surveys...none of which ever pay out money on the surveys completed and they won't give you a refund. I've sent 10 e-mails trying to get a refund and they haven't responded to any of them! Hey all, here is a good legit website for sur (MORE)

Is the company DVDMDtv legitimate?

I have read many complaints at www.complaintsboard.com regarding bootleg DVDs and poor customer service...simply complaints of poor quality or outright fraud.

Is BMSE Financial a legitimate company?

I've been trying to find the answer to this question for a week, with no luck. I applied online for a personal loan with BMSE Financial, and was "pre-approved". Since my credit is less than perfect, I was told that I would be required to pay a 10% deposit before the loan would be issued. RED FLAG!! (MORE)

Is dinsqe electronic an legitimate company?

is this site a legit company to get electronics from? http://www.dinsqe.com/eng/Product.asp?BigClassName=Smart%20Phone&SmallClassName=Others I have bought many products from Dinsqe Electronics, and they have always delivered. They are legit in my book.

Is the Leo Scopes Company legitimate?

Received some information on this business and I wanted to know more about this company before getting involved.. Received some information on this business and I wanted to know more about this company before getting involved.

Is Viking Magazine a legitimate company?

Very suspect. They contacted my son (a minor) and when he told them his age, they still attempted to obtain personal banking information from him. Check the significant number of complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against them.

Is Franklin Debt company legitimate?

They're members of TASC (the Trade Association of Settlement Companies) as well as the Better Business Bureau, so it's safe to say they're not a scam.

Is Plimus a legitimate company?

No they are not they will charge you for nothing. Their payment processing is fine but they have a stricter refund policy than something like clickbank so you have to be careful about what you order through them.

Is greatloansforbadcredit a legitimate company?

I was able to get a loan from them about 2 months ago. The only downside to them is they don't have a phone # to call to talk to someone but if you don't mind doing things online, it is a great choice.

Is Reliv International a legitimate company?

Reliv International is a legitimate company in that it was properly incorporated, has corporate officers and is listed on a stock exchange. But that is a different question from "Do Reliv products work?" if that is what you mean.

Is Inventhelp a legitimate company?

When you send in your money to learn how to protect your invention, you get little but what you could have found at a local library, or a google search of "U.S. Patent Law". If you truly have an invention, document everything, have it witnessed and notarized, then put all those papers in a safe dep (MORE)

Is thelotter a legitimate company?

theLotter serves as a thirdparty agent, dismissing the requirement for a physical presence inthe country for the ticket purchase. theLotter employs a worldwide net of local representatives, who purchasetickets on behalf of the customer, from licensed retailers,only.Therefore tickets purchased thro (MORE)

Is Payment Logistics a legitimate company?

Yes, Payment Logistics is a legitimate company. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Payment Logistics true legal name as registered in its state of organization (NV) is Payment Logistics Limited. Due to naming convention restrictions in the state of California, they are registered in CA as Payment Logis (MORE)

Is Minds Pay a legitimate company?

no mindspay is not a legitimate co they do not pay and are arrogant when you call 5614635521 31221`20044854766004 call and out they are asses

Is hmsportsmall.com a legitimate online company?

Hmsportsmall.com is DEFINITELY a SCAM. I ordered size 9 Jordan 11's off of the website before Christmas as a gift for my son. On Christmas Eve, we received a pair of size 8, multi-colored Nike's that were even remotely close to the ones we ordered. We've attempted MANY TIMES to return the shoes and (MORE)

How do you find a legitimate survey site?

I found the website I use by youtube oddly enough. It was a guy showing the check he had gotten from the site. So I joined and found it easy to make money because you can earn it in a lot of ways. Filling out offers, completing surveys, and participating in competitions are the main ways. There are (MORE)

Is shipnwin a legitimate company?

Regarding ShipNWin They are not. They get you resume on job seeker sites like career builder and monster. com. They give a address of 50 Harrison St Hoboken, NJ which is the Hoboken Business Center. I contacted the HBC and they have not heard of them. I contacted career builder and they have rece (MORE)

Is warranty direct a legitimate company?

Warranty Direct is a division of a large provider of extended warranties on automobiles. It has been operating in the US for 28 years. Although you will find many people voicing complaints about Warranty Direct, this is true of nearly every company, and there doesn't appear to be anything to indicat (MORE)

Is city visas a legitimate company?

Very dis illuisoned with my application.handed over 360 euro only to be handed back my app twice,subsequentlly cancelled it. man from Cork ,Irreland

Is grooveshark a legitimate company?

Yes and no. With money acuired from membership fees and advertising, they pay legal fees to major record labels. However, it is unclear if the individual artist ever sees any of that cash, based on how often his / her track is or is not listened to by the public.

Is TeachAustralia a legitimate company?

TeachAustralia is a small operation which is part of Caduceus International Travel. Their office is located in Toronto, ON, Canada. They recruit recent education grads from Canadian universitites to teach in Melbourne. The travel agency also recruits radiologists from South Africa for radiology po (MORE)

Where do you find legitimate paid to click companies?

To find ligetimate of ptc sites, you do the following: 1. Search Google for payment proof 2. Browse articles, read reviews that contain informativeinformation about the PTC site 3. Know the name of the owner of the PTC site. You can find theinformation about the site and also the owner at whois.n (MORE)

Is getmoney a legitimate company?

Yes GetMoney is a legitimate company. They offer loans, mortgages and credit cards to customers. Online reviews of them are mostly favorable and positive.

How can you find out if a data entry from home company job is legitimate?

One can find out if a data entry from home company job is legitimate by calling the contact person listed on the job, checking that the e-mail of the contact person is a business e-mail or by looking on other sources for same job advertisement. Additionally one could check online a 'Legitimate List' (MORE)

Is you Fix PC a legitimate company?

Answer I believe you are actually referring to a programcalled PC Fix which is a fake anti-malware program. Fix PC is apotientially unwanted program or PUP. Meaning it doesn't overtlyviolate your privacy or corrupt your files but it aggravates theuser or is misleading. In other words, it is a scam (MORE)

Are you really a legitimate company?

Answers.com is a legitimate company with many offices around theUnited States. The answers.com company also owns other sites suchas Foresee and Webcollege.