Where can I get IMVU layouts?

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You can get IMVU Layouts at many different websites, I'll try to help you trough this.

First, we've Profilebrand.com,

They've a large selection on layouts/codes, but EVERYONE will see where you got your layouts/codes from.
Because they use huge annoying images which it says "PROFILEBRAND" on and they use flashing images too, which says the same.

(In my opinion, you shouldn't get layouts/codes from profileshitbrand.com.)

But it's your call.


Second, we've www.myimvuavatar.com,

They do too have a large selection on different codes/layoutszperiodz A plus here, if you're smart, you can remove their BTs , use your brains, and this will be really easy, think 'What in this code, says "B"?, When you've found it - DO THIS >> -, remove "B", Replace with "? Anything ?", or just delete the codes for nothing to be shown.

(HTML HINT/TIP, Not for anything else, you should not do this (lol))

HINT: Didn't work the first time? Your homepage is all messed up now? Press on SAFE (Your upper right corner) and try again!

(In my opinion, this is the best website for codes)

Again, it's your call


And here's some other websites with various layouts/codes/images etc, (Please add new links if you have any, thank you)

3; http:/wwwzperiodzimvuspacezperiodzcom

4; http://www.snazzyspace.com/imvu-layouts/page/1

5; http://imvu-layouts.com/ - IMVU Layouts as low as 10,000cr/$5.00

6; http://jkb123.net/RoxieRockette/





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How do you get on imvu?

You have to go on imvu.com then make an avatar after that you have to install imvu but if its already installed then u can log in from there.Hope I helped!

How do you put a MySpace layout in your imvu page?

You cant put a myspace layout on IMVU, but you can put an IMVU layout on your profile. Go to this website http://www.profilebrand.com/imvulayouts/ Once you get to the website
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How do you get access on imvu?

You sign up on the main website, download the launcher, and thenlog in.
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on imvu you can chat with other players. find a girl friend /boy friend. get married on there have kids have pets look like ur favorite anime / real life person your can role
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How do you put a layout on your IMVU homepage?

There are many different sites that can offer you layouts for your imvu, the one i used was ProfileBand.com. It tells you what you have to do on the site, you have to click on