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Where can a 14-year-old find a job in San Antonio Texas?

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All of your questions answered here!!!!! A 14 year old getting a jod in San Antonio is a little young for me, but you might want to try hot jobs.com or look on the web or in the newspaper. (make sure you mention fourteen years old) Second make sure it's even legal to get a job at that age,or see if a relative is working anywhere kind of easy for you so he or she can give you a job ( if they have that authority). Also try a new babysitting service, or a pet day care on you're own or something new. still i think you are still young getting a job... a job is a burden, enjoy life while you can .... and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!=P
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Are there any jobs for a fourteen year old in San Antonio Texas?

Most companies don't want to hire employees so young to be honest because they don't want to be responsible if you get hurt in the job or for the hours that you get to do. You

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a good place to look is the website snagajob.comthey have a clean layout and it is easy to find what you are looking for. The best thins to do however is to go look in person.