Where can a person get free craft wood?

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Free Craft WoodThe woods ;}, depending on where you are, can be a source of a wide selection of sometimes hard to find exotic wood, remember to bring your chainsaw.
Free Craft Wood
If there's a local company that uses pallets, they will probably let you have a broken pallet or two. I have a friend that gets wood to make toys that way.

Get friendly with local hardwood flooring guys, maybe they will give you their scraps :-) I've done that before. After you collect so much, you can piece together some really interesting stuff.
*another answer is Lowes and home depot cut wood for customers and they sometimes have scrap wood laying around they're usually pretty cool to let you check it out....could always ask if they have any, any where else....sometimes they have it in receiving or if you feel like dumpster diving teehee....
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