Where can headphones be bought for a huawei ascend Android phone if not then is there a jack that fits in it so that normal headphones can be used?

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The headphone jack is 2.5mm. You can buy them from online. They are usually not sold in stores. Most preferred websites is amazon.com or ebay..
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Can wireless headphones be used with a television that has no headphone jack?

That depends on whether or not the TV has audio output connectors on it. They're usually what's called an 'RCA' connector. Right channel will be red, left channel is white and

Does the headphone jack for the iphone4 fit exactly?

i just got my iphone 4 and it looks like the headphone socket fits in beautifully. it doesn't rattle and looks snug - i guess it was purpose built for the iphone 4. as for f

How can you jailbreak an huawei ascend android?

There are sites out there (XDA-Developers as an example) that hashow-to's on flashing a customized ROM for the Huawei Ascend (seerelated links). Proceed with caution...modifyi

Can wireless headphones be used with a headphone jack?

Wireless headphones are designed to receive a signal from a transmitter connected to the device. Most of them are not equipped with a cable, in which case the answer to this q
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What is a headphone jack used for?

Headphone jacks are used to plug in wired headphones. The headphones can have different purposes. Most commonly they are used for listen to music, video audio and even phone

What does a headphone jack do?

A headphone jack allows a music device to be heard privately byusing a headphone or ear buds in the place of the audible speaker.Your headphones must have a plug that fits the