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If you've written a script on your own, that script is called a 'spec' or speculation script.

As the screenwriter of a spec script, you can continue your work by selling your script. You can look for producers or production companies who have produced scripts in the genre like yours. Make appointments with individuals and sell your script.

You can submit your script to script writing contests to garner visibility. Producers routinely discard scripts that are submitted without reading them, based on intellectual property laws.
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Who should I submit movie scripts to?

  Depend on the genre of Movie... Look on any Dvd and on the back has company info... Look up their Phone number online... Call... Someone will be able to help...

How can you submit script to Tyler Perry?

Apparently, you have an option by way of the official Tyler Perry Web site, a section titled 'Work With Us'. If there are no positions available, you can try the 'Talk To Me'

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How do you submit movie scripts to United Artists?

If you're convinced that United Artists is the right production company or distribution company for your story, you can contact them directly. You can follow the link, below

How are film scripts and theatre scripts different?

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Apparently there is a draft of the script on the Internet Movie Script Database. Look at the link, below.

How do you submit a script to a production company the book has been published and the script just written?

Congratulations! You have a product or two that you can sell into the entertainment industry. Your first duty is to protect your product by exuding copyrights over the materia

Can I submit a movie script?

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