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Any tattoos companies would offer that kind of service just message them and tell them what u want. it may take some time before thay got a skiss and then its just your chice if its okay or not. But keep in mind its easy to make tattoos but hard to take away :P
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Why does your tribal tattoo keep fading?

Either you didn't take proper care of it after you had it done or the guy who gave it to you isn't a good tattoo artist. If you suspect the latter, you should go and get teste

What needle do you use when colouring a tribal tattoo?

for tribal tattoos you should use a nice defined line for outline with say at least a 5RL or you can use a 7RL and then fill in your black with a 9 mag. 14 mag needles are goo

How is tribal art reflected in African religion?

  To tell stories, ward off evil spirits, attract good spirits, used as signs, to explain what is and used for results (similar to praying).

Why does Islamic art not contain images?

The religion of Islam does not support any images of persons who already deceased from the past. Especially Prophets, messengers, and others who were closely related to them.

How much does a tribal tattoo for your shoulder cost?

it'll cost about $100." Thats a nice start, but a tribal tattoo will vary greatly from artist to artist, and be based off of size and complexity. I have done tribal tattoos o

What needle should you use to colour tribal tattoos?

This is totally dependent on the size of the piece that you are doing, the bigger the piece, the bigger the needle set. Typically, I like to fill tribal with a round shader as

What are the tribal group found in the cordillera regions?

Collectively they are known as 'Igorot' . They are also grouped into a number of ethnic or ethno-linguistic identities, such as Apayao or Isneg, Tinggian, Kalinga, Bontoc, Kan

Are clip art images copyright?

As with most legal questions the answer is both yes and no. Most "clip art" (if you read the fine print) is "free for personal use" but there are restrictions on redistributio

What images does Islamic art avoid?

Islam has an perfect images of their religion.Islam avoids all the images which has a structure of face,hand ,legs..i.e.. no images of people can be permitted. They believe th
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Where are clip art images stored?

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