Where can one purchase used Cadillac cars in New Jersey?

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One of the best places to purchase used Cadillac cars in New Jersey is the website NJ. They have an 'auto' section with a number of used Cadillac cars for sale. Motor Trend and Auto Trader also have used Cadillac cars for sale.
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In New Jersey can you return a used car?

No. Once you sign the papers and buy it, you own it. There is no law allowing you to return the car for a refund. That is nothing more than a myth that will not die.

How much does a used car registration cost in New Jersey?

The car registration fees in New Jersey are based on the age andthe weight of the vehicle. For instance, if the car is older thantwo years and weighs under $3,500 pounds, the

Who is the one US Supreme Court justice from New Jersey?

There have been five US Supreme Court justices from New Jersey; one, Samuel Alito, is an incumbent on the bench. William Paterson....................1793-1806 Joseph P. B
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Used cars sales tax in New Jersey?

Yes, the purchase of a used vehicle is subject to NJ 7% sales tax, based on the purchase price of the car. The sales tax is paid when the vehicle is registered with NJMVC.
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Do you pay sales tax in new jersey for used car?

Yes, when you register it, the tax is collected by the MVD. If you trade a car in (at dealer) the value of trade in may reduce the amount the taxable sale is calculated on.