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How do you get the fusion suit in Metroid Prime Trilogy?

For metroid prime ( Game Cube ver.), you need to have a gameboy advance with a completed save file of metroid fusion. connect it to a controller input with a cable (you need t

Should i buy Legend of Zelda twilight princess or metroid prime trilogy?

I would recommend u buy the metroid prime trilogy pack. Though both games are amazing in their own right, Metroid and Zelda, the Metroid pack has three upgraded games in it, f

Which game is better Metroid prime 2 echoes or Metroid prime trilogy?

well to me the trilogy is better since you can play all three primes but the controls for metroid prime and metroid prime 2 are better on the game cube than the wii. its harde

What is the whole story of Metroid prime trilogy?

Prime 1: A group of Space pirates that escaped the explosion on Zebes Find Tallon IV, a planet that was struck by a leviathan (seeds of Phaaze) 50 years ago. when a leviathan

Is Metroid prime trilogy a good game?

Probably one of the best games on Wii. Metroid Prime Trilogy combines Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Prime 3 onto one disk. Metroid Prime 1&2 are regarded as two o

How do you get green tokens in Metroid prime trilogy?

To get the friend vouchers, you need to do special tasks that the game does not tell you. Their a total of 26 fv. Here are 3 easy ones. 1.Every 100 kills (up to 1000). 2.K.O.

On Metroid prime trilogy how do you get green tokens?

throughout the game u earn friend vouchers (gray cards with green on one side), send these to a friend and they will get green tokens, you get green tokens by being sent them,

Do you have to play the Metroid prime trilogy in order?

No. There are three save files and when you select one it asks you which game you want to play. When you return to the menu it will show you how far you are in each and ask yo

What does the wiiconnect24 for Metroid prime trilogy do?

It allows your Wii friends who own Metroid Prime Trilogy to send you Friend Vouchers when your Wii Console is turned off. Changing this affects all save files on the console.