Where can you buy a coil spring mattress make by chittenden and Eastman?

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The company is headquartered in Iowa and seems to be active in the eastern US and in New England.
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If your new coil springs making your car sit high should you cut a coil?

never never cut a coil spring---firstly the ends of springs are tapered to sit flat on there mount secondly coils are made of very tough material so you would have to put a lo

How can you replace the front coil springs on a 1990 muatang gt with out buying the ford coil spring compressor?

Answer . BE CAREFUL DOING THIS YOURSELF *****\n . \n . DO NOT ATTEMPT WITHOUT A COIL SPRINNG COMPRESSOR ****\n . \nYou DO NOT want to see what happens when

Mattress coil count?

See.... http://www.perrysburgmattress.com/catalog/basics.php. Can you be more specific about your questions? I guess you are trying to ask: does more coil counts means bette

Did the Chittenden and Eastman company make household furniture?

Yes they did. I currently have a sofa and chair set from 1951 made by that company. The tags are still on my furniture. My furniture is in excellent condition and has the frin

What is the value of a chittenden and Eastman roll top desk?

It depends upon several factors, the wood it is made from (oak is the most common and least valuable)., the size and complexity of the interior divisions and the condition. Fo
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What is a coiled spring?

A spring you see in a pen. It has potential energy until you click it, then the coiled spring becomes kinetic.
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Where can one buy a mattress with coils?

One can buy a mattress with coils from the Sleep Train stores. The Sleep Train store has a large variety of mattresses for sale, including mattresses with coils.
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Where can I buy a coil spring amttress?

One can buy a coil spring mattress from any mattress store or online from Amazon and eBay. One may also purchase them from private sellers off of Craigslist or ad.