Where can you buy alcohol in Utah?

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See Related Links See the Related Links for "Utah Liquor and Package stores" to the bottom for the answer. ----- Beer is available at most local supermarkets. However, if the beer is from a non-Utah brewery, the alcohol content is limited to 3.2%. In order to purchase higher alcohol, non-Utah beer, liquor, or wine, one must attend a state liquor store. To attend, you must be 21 years old and have a valid ID.
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What is the alcohol content of beer in Utah?

Answer . 3.2% by weight (4.0% by volume) for beer sold in stores. You can purchase beer with higher alcohol content in State-run liquor stores (closed on Sundays).

Is alcohol illegal in Utah?

No it is not ... I have been a resident of Utah for 25 years and been drinking for a good number of those years .. Alcohol is our friend!

Can you drink alcohol in Logan Utah?

Yes, alcohol is sold to people over the age of 21 in Logan, Utah. Up until recently alcohol could not be purchased on Sundays in Logan, Utah but is now available for purchase

Where can you buy Vegemite in Utah?

There are several international food and import stores in Utah. In the Salt Lake City area, try Pirate-O's. They are in Draper at 11958 south 700 east. If they don't have it,

Can you buy alcohol in Utah on Sunday?

You can buy beer in most counties in Utah on Sunday. Unfortunately hard liquor and wine can only be purchased at state owned liquor stores which are closed on Sundays.

What is the alcohol content in liquor in Utah?

HAHAHHA well, well it depends what type of liquor you buy not where you are. Most vodka, tequila and whiskey have a 80 proof or 40% liquor, rum is usually around 60-70 proof o

Where can you buy Alcohol?

Usually, most men and women buy their liquor from a liquor store, grocery store, gas station, or convenient store.