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Where can you buy some tractor tires in Chicago?

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First of all you need to check eBay and craigslist. Both of these sites will offer what you are looking for at the best possible price. You will be suprised at how much you save.
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How much does a tractor tire weigh?

\n. \nStandard tractor tires weigh 130-140lbs. Super singles weigh 200-210lbs..

How many tires on a tractor trailer?

Depends on what region you're at. In North America, it's normally 18 (10 on the power unit, 8 on the trailer).

Best place to buy used tractor trailer tires in nc on 95s or north?

None on I-95 that I'm aware of. You can try the truck stops off of Truck Stop Road (Exit 106). Offhand, the only place I can think of which does road calls is Rick's Equipment

Why the tractors have a broad tires?

Tractors have broad tires because there is more contact with the ground and less compaction. The bigger the tractor tire the narrower it is a 52" tire is narrow but we have a

What tires do tractor trailers use?

275R22.5 or 275R22.5LPs are the most common. For heavy haulers and straight trucks, depending on the configuration, the steers are more likely to be anything ranging from 315s

Where can you buy a used tractor tire?

You could find used tractor tires at any hardware store such as Home Depot or at a tractor specializing store such as John Deere or the like. Also, people in your area may be

How expensive are tractor tire chains?

Tractor tire chains cost anywhere from $23 to $400 depending on brand, size, and quality. Peerless Chain cost around 70$. Thule are much more expensive and can range in the $2