Where can you buy the cheapest MP3 player?

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Where can you buy a scratch remover for your mp3 player?

Many portable electronic devices have coatings on them, such as anti-scratch and anti-glare. The best way to repair them is to fill in and build up the scratches, layer-by-layer; using a repair kit that addresses coated plastics.. Since coatings refract light differently (tint), results will be det (MORE)

What should you look for in buying an MP3 Player?

Answer . Capacity is probably the most important factor. Durability may be important if you expect it to be subjected to shocks like being dropped or jarred. Ease of use can be a substantial asset; all user interfaces are not created equal.. Storage size, ability to download songs in certain f (MORE)

Where can you buy a mp3 player?

Where to find a MP3 Player? The place where I would recommend is [as listed below] Target, Wal-mart, Radio Shack, Staples, Sears, Office Depot, Online such as : EBAY or any other place you might think of? Thnx! bye!!! .

For the virgin mobile mp3 player phone do you have buy the usb cord?

I highly advise not to buy any of the Kyocera Slider phones (if you can even find'em). First of all I've heard about software issues with them, problems with accepting 1gb+ SD Flash cards, although I didn't experience those problems specifically. Mine worked fine with the 1gb flash memory, but not t (MORE)

Where can you buy mp3s?

\n. \n. \nYou can buy mp3s from many places. \n. \nThere's no point in listing places that sell mp3s illegally because you can get mp3s illegally for free so here's a list of places to legally obtain mp3s.\n. \n(NOTE: legal mp3s from these sites will not play on any mp3 player, check your mp3 pl (MORE)

Is a 4gb mp3 player with 1.5 video screen a good buy?

\nTo be honest it doesnt matter really because its all about the sound quailty and the amount of music you can keep on it\n. \nThe screen matters very little on a mp3 player\n. \nBut 4gb seems fine but if i were you i d just buy an ipod

Where do you buy music for a Mp3 player?

There are multiple ways to buy music on your Mp3. If you want to pay for music for your Mp3 go to these places.. Rhapsody.com. Napster.com. -Those above are the most popular for downloading massive amounts of music for a low monthly price at around 14.99/month. Those sites however are not compa (MORE)

Why might a person buy an mp3 player instead of a portable CD player?

MP3 Players allow you to carry a greater number of songs, is smaller, lighter, allows you to create playlists from multiple songs, albums and artists and change them up at any time and you don't need to carry around any CD's. You can create playlists and burn your own CD's but you have to change t (MORE)

Where can you buy a barbie girls mp3 player in Philippines?

maybe there is no barbiegirls mp3 cause Philippines money is not actually dollars you can buy it if you have family or friends or any relatives in other country but i feel Philippines got none of mp3 we don't think they might come soon

How much will it cost to buy a Sony mp3 player?

The price for a Sony mp3 player will depend on how many features such as memory the player has. The more features a player has the more it will cost. The prices usually vary from $40.00 to $400.00.

Can you buy a ipod mp3 player at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy a variety of ipod mp3 players at walmart. You can buy ones in a variety of diffrent shapes, colors, and also sizes. That is what i have to say on the subject dearie!!

Why should you buy Sony walkman mp3 players instead of iPods?

If you are into the classics and want to maintain that retro look, then going with sony walkman mp3 players is a better choice than going with ipods. Sony walman has been around long before apple starting making music players, and has a good reputation.

Does Best Buy sell MP3 player speakers?

Yes Best Buy sells speakers for MP3 players that will go into a car or you can get a seprate amplifier that will attach to your MP3 player to play at home or away. They have different qualities to choose from.

Can you buy songs on iTunes for your mp3 player?

note: windows users only! yes you can but you have to burn the songs to a cd and then transfer thoose song to (wmp) windows meadia player. how do I do it? well just click on rip with your burned cd and wait for a 100% transfer/copy. now the fun part select all and drag to portable device and enjoy. (MORE)

How do you save moneey to buy a MP3 player?

Well first pick an MP3 player that you like and note down the price. Like if the price was $100. Start doing extra chores to get allowance, sell things on ebay or amazon, invest money, and sign up for cash back programs.

Where can one buy cheap MP3 players?

There are a variety of big name discount stores both online and likely in proximity. Wal Mart and Tiger direct for just a couple to name. It would also be of interest to check personal advertisements and likely websites for a cheap, second hand MP3 player.

What is the best mp3 player to buy?

According to some people the best MP3 player for one to buy is the iPod touch 5th generation. With the touch screen and the size of the screen being a good size, and a cost range of 275 dollars to about 300 dollars.

From where can one buy a Sony Mp3 player?

Sony Mp3 players are available for purchase at Walmart, Sears, K-mart, Target and Best Buy. Sony Mp3 players are also sold online at Amazon, Zappos, Ebay and directly from the Sony website.

Where can one buy a used archos mp3 player?

Used MP3 players, including the Archos brand can be found and bought from multiple sources. A possible local source would be direct from individuals through sites such as Kijiji. The Archos MP3 player can also be found on Amazon and eBay.

What are some good electronic stores to buy MP3 players?

Some good electronic stores that sells MP3 players are Radio shack which has all the latest technology especially in MP3 players. Also, your local Walmart as they have quite a few selections of MP3 players at great prices and Best Buy.

Where can one buy MP3 players that are 2GB?

You can purchase MP3 players that are 2GB from a variety of places. This includes electrical stores, some large department stores, supermarkets such as Walmart, and the Amazon site.

Where can one buy a Samsung mp3 player?

One can check at local electronics stores (Future Shop, Best Buy, and more) or online at Amazon. One might also wish to check with a cell phone provider who sells Samsung phones, and compare the price of a phone with a built in mp3 player.

Where can one buy Zune Mp3 players from?

Zune Mp3 players can be bought from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Future Shop, Best Buy, Best Byte, Target, Sears, Overstock, The Bay, Xs Cargo, HMV and Sunrise Records.

Where can one buy a Nextar MP3 player?

Althought MP3 players are not popularly used anymore, you could probably find the Nextar MP3 player through the Internet on sites such as amazon or eBay. You could maybe find it at a thrift shop or garage sale.

Where can one buy a Creative MP3 player?

There are many stores and online retailers that sell a Creative MP3 player. One can purchase them from 'eBay', 'Amazon', 'Best Buy', 'Target' or in the UK from 'Argos'.

Where can one buy cheap MP3 players for kids?

The best place to buy cheap MP3 players are usually places like Walmart or Target, Big Lots occasionally gets them in as well. You can buy a good quality MP3 player that also has the MP4/video capability for around fifty dollars.

Where can one buy an 8gb mp3 player?

There are a lot of companies and websites that offer 8 GB MP3 players. A few of these companies are Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Radio Shack.

Where can one buy iPod and MP3 Players?

One can buy iPod and MP3 Players from a lot of offline and online retailer stores. Some of the online stores that sell iPod and MP3 Players are Best Buy, Target and Walmart to name a few.

Where can one buy a media player mp3?

Portable media players, especially ones that play MP3s, are widely available at electronics stores and department stores such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Amazon. They range from cheaply-made basic MP3 players from Asia that retail for less than ten dollars all the way to iPod multimedia devices costi (MORE)

Where can one buy a used 1GB mp3 player?

One can buy a used 1 GB MP3 player from websites like eBay, U Sell and Overstock. These are the best providers of other products unrelated to MP3 players which may be used or new.