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Where can you buy zima in Chicago?

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Zima was discontinued in 2008

despite preserving my manhood, i wish they still had it! It was a guilty pleasure i enjoyed with chambord.
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What is zima?

Zima is a  clear, lightly carbonated, alcoholic beverage, that is made and  distributed by the Coors Brewing Company, ultimately  MillerCoors. Introduced in 1993, it was 

Why was zima discontinued?

  I am really upset to hear that you discontinued citrus Zima. It was the second time this was discontinued. I was able to buy up a couple of cases. I like it because it r

Where in Phoenix can you buy Zima?

  Introduced in 1993,Zima was made by the Coors Brewing Company and was marketed not as beer but as an alternative to beer. Its domestic production ceased in October 2008,

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