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Where can you find DVDs on ancient maritime history?

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You might try checking Amazon.com, www.historychannel.com, or www.nationalgeographic.com
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Where can you find Kellogg's zumba on DVD?

Youtube.com is offering it in 7sections -Zumba 1 is how i looked it up . It is in spanish but I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to figure out the moves

Where can one find out about maritime law firms?

Depending on what country you need a maritime law firm for, it's worth going on The Legal 500 website which gives information about maritime law firms in various countries.

What is ancient history?

When someone says Ancient History it usally means a very long time ao. The word ancient means old and the word history means past so the old past. Also when someone says anci

History of computer in ancient times?

There WERE no computers (electronic computers) in ancient times. A counting device known as an abacus has been used for several thousand years.

History of lodging industry ancient history?

Lodging has been a profession for many years. As far back as  Biblical times, people needed places to stay while traveling.

Where can I learn about the history of ancient Israel?

One can learn about the history of ancient Israel and Judah from general encyclopedia websites such a Wikipedia. There are also more specialized history websites such as AllAb

What is Jamaicas ancient history?

Anthropologist believe that the earliest inhabitants of Jamaica were cavemen called Ciboney Indians who migrated from what is now Florida to Jamaica some time around 500 B.C.

How did ancient Greece affect history?

They invented Democracy. Also, they once conquered most of the known world under Alexander the Great.
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What is ancient Babylon's contribution to history?

  the main thing that babylonia has given us for a contribution to history is the main thing is math and writting is the 2 main things
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What is maritime?

Maritime is an adjective used to describe activities connected with the sea so a Maritime museum would have collections about ships,sailors,port,cargo etc. It also means "on o

What is the history of ancient rome?

the ancient history of rome is complex. it supposedly started out with Aeneas of troy traveling to Italy and starting a city near the banks of the Tiber River called Lavinium.