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You might try checking Amazon.com, www.historychannel.com, or www.nationalgeographic.com
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Where there an Assassin Order in ancient history?

Yes, but it didn`t start forming in Rome it actually started in India. In India one of the rulers wanted to kill another ruler befor a war broke out. So he ordered the develop

Who is Lady Gargi in ancient history?

  As per the Vaidik scriptures, Gargi was the enlightened daughter of sage Vachaknu. She composed several vaidik hymns. She was widely respected for her elightenment, know

Where can one find out about maritime law firms?

Depending on what country you need a maritime law firm for, it's worth going on The Legal 500 website which gives information about maritime law firms in various countries.

What is ancient history?

When someone says Ancient History it usally means a very long time ao. The word ancient means old and the word history means past so the old past. Also when someone says anci

Why is ancient Egypt important to history?

Because of it's fantastic monuments, impressive culture, richness, and inventions. Egypt is an archaeologist's paradise; fantastically preserved monuments and objects from l

History of lodging industry ancient history?

Lodging has been a profession for many years. As far back as  Biblical times, people needed places to stay while traveling.

What were the periods of Ancient Greek history?

Bronze Age Greece: 2800 - 1100 BC Includes: Minoan Civilization on Crete (2800-1450 BC) Mycenaean Civilization on mainland Greece (1600-1100 BC) Dark Ages: 1200-800 BC

What is pilgrim tax in ancient history?

the tax that pay by indian people when muhammad jalaludin empire to the government.this tax is pay to visit or pray the god or worship god at that time,but and than the tax sy

When did ancient history begin?

  "history" begins at the dawn of writing, between 4000 and 3500 B.C.E. Time prior to the development of writing is commonly referred to as prehistory.

What is maritime?

Maritime is an adjective used to describe activities connected with the sea so a Maritime museum would have collections about ships,sailors,port,cargo etc. It also means "on o

Where can one find a Maritime injury attorney?

When looking to find a Maritime injury attorney then it may be possible to find one on the internet as the internet offers instant information regarding what is being searched