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Where can you find Family law code 3042 in California?

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You find it in the link below.
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Find 3 funny laws in california?

Well, there isn't exactly 3 I can give to you, but I can tell you one that is kinda weird. NOT to threaten people. People threaten others in Delaware and the other 48 states.

Is it illegal in the state of California to eat an orange inside of a bathtub. If So whats the PENAL CODE of this law?

This is in fact not a law. There are no illegal substances involved and if you are doing this in you own home they have now way of prosecuting it. The myth that it can cause a

Can you get paid family leave in California?

California paid family leave provides for up to 6 weeks of paid leave to take care of a seriously ill child, family member, spouse, or domestic partner.

Where would you find relevant California and federal state laws?

To find relevant California laws I would have to look at the most recently updated state constitution since laws vary by state. To find federal laws, I would seek out the U.S.

How do you request change of judge civil family law in California?

These matters may even be further delineated in the county in which you reside. I believe the best way to go about asking for a change would be to contact your county's family

Where can you get free legal advice on family law in California?

Free legal advice on family law in California can be found in several places. There are Self-Help Services available at most Superior Courthouses. Also there are legal aid ser

Where can you find California laws on repossession and wage garnishment?

Call DCA�s Consumer Information Center toll-free at 1-800-952-5210.In the Sacramento area call (916) 445-1254.http://www.dca.ca.gov/bsis/bsiscons.htm    I bought a new D

Where can you find a list of fire protection codes for California?

You can call ISO, which stands for Insurance Services Office. They  handle such things in most states as well as standardizing of  policies and many other items they provide
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How does a father find a good Family Law Attorney to represent his interests?

You can go with recommendations, but this does not mean you will mess well with a particular attorney. As such, you should interview 3-6 Family Law Attorneys for best results.

Where can you find a certification program for medical billing and coding in California?

You can easily find one online. Not a lot of schools are offering  training in medical billing and coding. In a lot of places, most  training providers are those companies t