Where can you find World War 2 survivors from Tennessee?

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Name survivors of World War 2?

how many in east TN . Answer. All of them? There were millions of American veterans who survived WW2. The number that are still living have dwindled down.. Impossible to l

Where can you find eye witness accounts and interviews with survivors of World War 2?

Nursingy home ... elderly. You could try contacting a local veterans' association, too.. Some of the guys are still around. I talked to one today. He was a B29 mechanic. Look

How man World War 2 survivors are alive today?

3 Ans2: That may be close to the number of WW1 survivors (they would have to be well into their 90's), but there must be millions of WW2 survivors, who only need to have pass
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How many survivors of World War 2 are alive?

The number of people which survived WW2 has still to this day not been accurately recorded. What I can tell you is approx. how many people died, which was about 60 to 80 milli
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What did Germany do with the survivors during world war 2?

Germany as a government didn't exist. The allies came into Germany and set up military government, the Red Cross set up help for survivors and other agencies got involved in h