Where can you find cells that each have a cell wall a nucleus and chloroplasts?

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In plants

A plant cell contains a cell wall, a nucleus, and chloroplasts.
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What cell has a chloroplast and a cell wall?

Plant cells contain both chloroplasts and cell walls. Animal cells have cell membranes instead of cell walls and mitochondria instead of chloroplasts. Prokaryotes, such as

Do cells without nucleus have chloroplasts?

No. Chloroplasts are a characteristic of plants and green algae, which have nuclei in their cells. However, some bacteria, which lack nuclei photosynthesize using chlorophyll,

Why does a plant have cell wall nucleus and chloroplast?

The cell wall is so that the plant can have some organizationalstructure. Plants don't have a skeleton so it needs something rigidto stand upright. The cell walls of all the c

What cell has chloroplast and cell wall?

Plant cells contain chloroplasts and have cell walls, more specifically, palisade and spongy cells within plant leaves.