Where can you find information about a Belgian Pieper Breech shotgun from 1890?

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Henri Pieper was a Belgian gunmaker operating between the late 1860's and his death around 1898. By the time of his death he had grown his gunmaking firm to quite a large size. The company was re-organised after his death by his heirs (family). It went into receivership again and was refiananced around 1906 and continued until the firm was wound up in the early 1950's. The company names are variations using the family name Pieper and the guns most closely identified with the firm are pistols that are marked with the trade name Bayard, although they also made shotguns and rifles. I happen to own a very high grade Pieper shotgun made around 1903 with fantastic leaf & vine engraving, along with several others shotguns by Pieper. Best source of information on all the various Pieper companies is a website www.littlegun.be Hope this has been helpful
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Answer . You read most of the information available right there on the gun. "Acier" just means "Steel" in French. Bayard, the mounted knight, and Demi Bloc are trademark
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I can recommend three books, unfortunitly I not sure any of them are still in print.. 1. The Best Shotguns Made in America by Michael McIntosh published by Charles Scribner's
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I might be able to help you with information because I know quite a bit about Bayard Shotguns - and one myself. I need photos so I can see all inscriptions on the gun, especia