Where can you get a Hannah Montana script?

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They are not available to the public for free. However, certain agencies offer them as collectible items, with a substantial price tag.
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What is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a show about a girl named Miley Stewart. She lives two lives: a teen pop sensation and an average high school girl. Get ready for the HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE :D She is also a freaking lesbien teenager who is a freak and a nerd. That show is 4 six year old stupid littler kids. She is a (MORE)

Where can i find a full Hannah Montana script online?

You could go to ------->>>>> www.simply scripts .com/ scripts /EatHerUpButtercup---A HANNAH MONTANASPEC SCRIPT .pdf or if that doesn't work... go to Google and look up Hannah Montana Scripts Online and the first thing that sould show up is the link up there... click view, next to this... File F (MORE)

Who is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a fictional pop star on a TV show by the samename. She is played by an actress named Miley Ray Cyrus, also knownby her birth name Destiny Hope Cyrus. she is a well known singer/ songwriter. Her name Hannah Montana originated from a show that she began at the early age of 15. She wa (MORE)

Are you Hannah Montana?

actually i am. and if you want me to be honest, i enjoyed smoking that bong and taking rude pictures of myself. coz i am BANGIN'!

How do you be in Hannah Montana?

Go to this site; It has updates for any acting calls for Disney Channel (Including Hannah Montana). http://actinginfo.blogspot.com/

About Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a show you have to watch before anyone can tell you aaaright. well its about a normal girl who is actually a popteen censation. whe she puts on a blond wig she becomes a popstar but when she takes it of she's just a normla girl and in the epesodes she has trobule keeping her secre (MORE)

How do you be on Hannah Montana?

You can get on Hannah Montana by looking for auditions for it, then auditioning. And then, you have to ace the audition. Sounds exciting, huh?

Were is Hannah Montana at?

She has 2 homes. One is in Nashville, Tennessee, the other is at Los Angeles, California. She could be at either one. If you want to see her house, you can pay for a tour. It is pretty expensive though. Hope this information helps.

Can you be on Hannah Montana?

you can if u contact the movie people and they can tell you yes or no then luckyly u might be able to and u'll be up on stage before the show with hannah practcing ur lines. enjoy my answers!

Where in Montana is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a fictional character from the TV series of the same name, and the film Hannah Montana: The Movie . The character was played by Miley Cyrus, who currently lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Is Hannah Montana from Montana?

No. shes actually from Tennessee. Hannah Montana is just her name. In fact, she never once even performed a concert in her "namesake" state.

Why did Hannah Montana became Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is actually miley cryus. She became Hannah monatna because she wanted to be a pop star but at the same time be a reagular girl going to school and living a normal life. She wanted to adviod paperatzzi and have have time to take a brake from the star life. I personnally belive shes (MORE)

What does Hannah Montana do?

she goes to the bathroom, picks her boogery nose, wipe out that nasty ear wax of hers, covers up that gross acne with foundation....and she calls herself famous! seriously...her fame disgusts me!!.

Why is she Hannah Montana?

It's because they producers thought she had the skills and they said that she had a face that when you looked at it you just couldn't take your eyes off of it.

What does Hannah Montana were?

she wears sparkly stuff but she picks what 2 wear and and like erm any way i am Hannah montna i actually just wanted 2 answer ppls questions lol and i love them all bye

What is Hannah Montana about?

Hannah Montana is basically about a young girl trying to live a normal life without anyone knowing she is a superstar and that she's living a double life. It gets a little hard after a while but, she maintains to do it in the day she is a normal middle school/high school girl and at night she's a te (MORE)

Who or what is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is played by Destiny Hope Cyrus currently called Miley Ray Cyrus. The show aired in mid 2005, when Miley was about 12ish. She is popular among young children, most young girl teenagers envy or dislike her. She is 15 right now and does some grown up things. Anyway, she has her own band (MORE)

What is a Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a character on a TV series, Hannah Montana. On this show a girl called Miley Stewart (Played by Miley Cyrus) is a normal girl with normal friends who moved to Malibu from Tennesee. But, at night, she is a secret popstar Hannah Montana. She transforms into this fictional character b (MORE)

When did Hannah Montana become Hannah Montana?

When she was 13 she actually auditioned for the role off lily truscott but she made it to Hannah Montana and then her director thought that it would be nice if she actually changed her name to Hannah Montana but she didnt want to so she just made her have 2 names!

What is Hannah Montana for?

Nothing.. Hannah Montana is special. Don't just dump on her. She is a good person inside. Her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus. She plays on the show Hannah Montana. She gave her voice to the following movie Bolt now playing in theaters. go see Bolt in theaters soon it is a good movie I heard.

Is Hannah Montana quitting being Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is not a real person. She is a fictional character from the US TV series of the same name, which has since ceased production after four seasons and one movie. While the series was running Miley Cyrus, who played the character in both the TV series and the film, Hannah Montana: The Mo (MORE)

Will the Hannah Montana series end after the Hannah Montana movie?

No. Miley doesn't do Hannah Montana anymore, but don't worry: There will be one more season titled "Hannah Montana Forever". I don't think Disney Channel will stop showing Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana Forever though as it is so popular and so many people love it. Hope this helps! ~Mia x (MORE)

What is Hannah in Spanish not Hannah Montana?

You don't pronounce the 'H' in Spanish, so you just say Anna. Make sure you say 'Awe' for the 'A' It's not like the A in Hannah. I took Spanish in school and our teacher changed our names to Spanish names, so there you go.

What are the new Hannah Montana songs in the Hannah Montana movie?

\n. \n== It's All Right Here lyrics • Every Part Of Me lyrics • Let's Chill lyrics • Mixed Up lyrics • Let's Get Crazy lyrics • Super Girl lyrics • I'm Just A Girl lyrics • Let's Do This lyrics • Are You Ready lyrics • Everything I Do (MORE)

Is Hannah Montana quiting being Hannah?

no. Some say she is, and others say she is not. You will have to wait and see. But I think shes going to go on with HM till the end of season 3.(in my opinion)

Where can you get Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a tv show about a girl named Miley Stewart. Miley Cyrus plays Miley Stewart. She plays a normal teen leading a double life. Miley's double life is a secret to the world except for her family in Tennessee, family, and two best friends, and a few others. This show can be seen on Satu (MORE)

What did Hannah Montana pick miley or Hannah Montana?

In the last few episodes of Hannah Montana Forever (episode sequel to Hannah Montana) Miley reveals her secret, she goes to Paris, France and Lilly attends college back in California, USA. So she chose Miley which revealed her Hannah secret and made Miley Stewart famous.

Who and why is Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus. she has a secrete idenity on her shows so she can be a normaal kid but i dont no why she sings some songs in real life with her real wig on. yeah, she has an alter - ego cause she wants to live a regular life but also be a popstar with all the fame, so she named one o (MORE)

Is Hannah Montana quitting the show Hannah Montana?

YES! Everyone is saying she's not but she is. I watched an interview live and she said Hannah Montana Forever is the LAST season!! But do you really think that Miley would keep doing the show whenshe was like 25?? No! She is getting older and moving on. She is also going to be in Sex In The City 2!

Is Hannah Montana Hannah Montana or not Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is a completely fictional character portrayed by Miley Ray Cyrus, and is the alter-ego of the equally fictitious lead character, Miley Stewart, who is also portrayed by Miley Ray Cyrus. Miley Stewart was originally called Chloe Stewart but was renamed by the producers after casting Mi (MORE)

Why is Hannah Montana exposed in Hannah Montana forever?

Because Jaskson's girlfriend thought that Jackson was still seeing Hannah Montana because the girlfriend saw Miley as Hannah out of a window outside. As a result the girlfriend was going to break up with Jackson if Miley didn't tell the secret.

Will Hannah Montana reveal herself in Hannah Montana forever?

After Miley learns that she is complicating the relationships with the people closest to her, she considers whether to tell the world that she is Hannah Montana or keep the secret. the answer is yes, as it is the last ever Hannah Montana and it will be available on dvd Hope this helps :)

Will this be the end of Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana for ever?

If you saw her new show Hannah monatana forever . one of her new relises in the show when she showed a song saying she was 2 different people and she took her wig of . So the world know that she's Hannah Montana . but people have been saying she is going to quite in jaurary but we can't know that . (MORE)