Where can you get a job at fifteen years old?

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In Australia working at McDonalds or KFC!! Good luck junior!!
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Where in kissimmee has jobs for a fifteen year old?

There are not many places in Kissimmee, Florida that hire fifteenyear olds for jobs. The best place to ask would be the localschools. Jobs that often hire fifteen year olds is

What jobs is there for fifteen year olds?

Many businesses require kids be at least 16 years of age in orderto be hired. However, there are still jobs that 15 year olds mayhave, including baby sitting or as lifeguards

Where can a fifteen year old get a job in Harlingen Texas?

You could earn some extra money just by using your computer in your free time. Be careful, there are a lot of scams out there, but I finally found a place that really works.

Where Can a fifteen year old get a job in Florida?

wel theres not to many places but if you live in gainsville its definatly not easy at all so just try and help teeens instaed of lying to themApply for working papers in your

What places can a fifteen year old get a job?

Child labor laws prevent businesses from hiring anyone under 16 years old. So as a 15 year old you will have to babysit, feed/walk dogs, mow lawns, deliver papers to make mone