Where can you get an owner's manual for a Kenmore electric range model 911.9359181?

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go to the sears website and find the link to parts and enter your model number there and I'll bring up the manual.
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What is a fair price for a used Kenmore electric range?

A fair price for a used Kenmore electric range would be between$150 to $500 depending on how old it is and the condition it is in.When selling any used appliance the best price should be 50 to 75percent of what a new appliance cost's as long as the item is ingood to excellent condition.

Where find manual for Kenmore Elite electric only range?

I purchased a KENMORE Elite Model #79097503000 Serial # NFO4224638at the Sears outlet in Voorhees, NJ. However, I never got a manualwith the stove. The store manager told me to contact Sears site.Can you help me? I really need the manual because this is a highendstove and I do not know how to use al (MORE)

Where can you get an owner's manual for a Sears backpack blower model 360.79679?

I was told by Sears Parts Direct that they have no parts or manuals for this model of backpack leaf blower. When I asked them who manufactured the blower for Sears, they told me it was made by Solo, Inc.. SOLO, Inc.. 5100 Chestnut Ave.. Newport News,VA 23605 (757) 245-4228. http://www.solousa. (MORE)

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Where can you get a free manual for Kenmore sewing machine model 385-1764180?

I would try Ebay. Or you could do some Google searches. Maybe the Kenmore website has an area where you can order manual. I'm not sure you'll be able to find one for free anywhere though. Unless you happen to find one at a garage sale or something. Happy hunting.. I found the manual for theexact sa (MORE)

Where to find Kenmore washer manual model 110.92588210?

I do not know how old this post is but I do have a hard copy of the user manual for my 110.92588210. I acquired it with my house, it was purchased about 1995. We are thinking of getting a new machine. Possibly I can mail it to you when I get a new one. I could also copy it and mail it if you want t (MORE)

Kenmore 150 model 385.19150090 manual?

I have a 385.19150090 model. Is there a on/off switch or do i haveto have the foot controller to stop/start . You need the foot controller to start and stop the machine. If you go to managemylife.com and imput your complete serialnumber, you can download your manual for free. Your power cord and foo (MORE)

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Kenmore 80 series electric dryer repair manual?

There are several types of manuals available for this type appliance. User manuals can be found at Kenmore.com The diy repair materials are available in paper format only from various sources, such as amazon.com. For reference to PDF service manual for gas and electric Kenmore dryers see http://www. (MORE)

Is there an owners manual for a Kenmore electric range model 790.9611?

These later model units all have manuals. They cost about five bucks (plus shipping), but you'll have to have the rest of the model number when you look them up. It's going to be 790.9611240, ...340, ...440, etc., and there will be a letter suffix after that. Check your unit and then use the link be (MORE)

Where can you find a manual for Sears Kenmore model no 5188?

Visit the below link to enter your *model* number, then select theblue tab labled "Manuals", and then select the option to downloadthe file. . You can download a free owner's manual of any Sears Kenmore sewingmachine model, but you first need to have the correct model number. PLEASE NOTE: 5188 i (MORE)

Need a manual for a model 117.552 Kenmore sewing machine?

Managemylife.com has many manuals for Kenmores but I don't thinkthey go back this far but you can check. If not, you might have tobuy a copy and sewusa.com and relics.com are a couple of places tocheck. If you want an original one, do a search on ebay.

What year is a Kenmore electric stove with the model 66595824003?

The model number and the unit's serial number is important for determining when an appliance was made. Look for a white sticker, usually in the storage drawer of the stove, listing the model and serial number. Once you have this information, call Kenmore at 1-888-KENMORE and share this with the oper (MORE)

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