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Where can you get coupons for tech decks?

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well, there are many places where you can get coupons. Tech Decks on the other hand are harder to find coupons 4 but you can get coupons for tech decks on the internet i would try first then i would check if they have coupons 4 them at the stores that you buy them at
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How make Tech Deck wheels?

you can take a 4 pencil white erasers from the pencil or any color then take a drillbit that will make a hole out of itbut make the hole is really cleanthen take a 1/8 drillbi

How do you 360 flip on a Tech Deck?

well this trick is rather easy when you come down to here's your steps: 1. put your middle finger on the end of your board. 2. put your index finger right below the screws

What are all the brands of Tech Decks?

Cliche'  5boronyc Girl Chocolate Powell Sugar Skate Toy Machine Baker Santa Cruz Flip Citystars World Industries Alien Workshop ATM Darkstar SK8Mafia Spitfire Blind Finesse 1

Is there a Tech Deck store?

  No, there is no store especially for tech decks. But there are stores that sell them. Such as Target, Kmart, Toys 'R' Us, some stores that sell hobby and collectible ite

What is a tech deck?

A Tech Deck is a little plastic skateboard, designed for you to play with, using your fingers.

How much is a Tech Deck at Walmart?

The price may not be the same at all Walmarts. Generally, they are $3.99 in Canada at Wal-Mart, and $3.97 in USA at Wal-Mart, but someone said they bought one for $2.88 plus t

How do you get a Tech Deck to jump?

the end and move your hand to land it.   It's hard if you're a beginner. Don't search on youtube, ask a friend to show you how. Well anyway you have to put your fingers on

Where do you get DC Tech Decks?

I am a huge fan of fingerboards/tech decks if you are living in the south of England find a woolworths and you can get them on sale in January for $7.50 or £15 the newest edi