Where can you get coupons for tech decks?

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well, there are many places where you can get coupons. Tech Decks on the other hand are harder to find coupons 4 but you can get coupons for tech decks on the internet i would try first then i would check if they have coupons 4 them at the stores that you buy them at
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What is a tech deck?

A Tech Deck is a little plastic skateboard, designed for you to play with, using your fingers.

How do you tech deck?

well, teck decks are small skateboards that are based in big ones. They are very fun to play with and collect, TO " tech deck" you have to learn skills on a real skateboard an

How do you tricks on Tech Decks?

The easiest way is to pop up the deck on to two wheels, and take the finger you did that with to swoop it under the deck in one quick motion.

How do you do tech deck?

Tech Deck (fingerboarding) is easy to learn depending on the person. Once you know some tricks, you'll be loving it. I made video tutorials on easy ans stylish tricks, here ar
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Does Tech Deck still make DC Tech Decks?

Yes of cours, I know shop in New Yourk and London where i saw few of them, But it may be that they were sold. Hope i helped.