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Where can you get coupons for tech decks?

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well, there are many places where you can get coupons. Tech Decks on the other hand are harder to find coupons 4 but you can get coupons for tech decks on the internet i would try first then i would check if they have coupons 4 them at the stores that you buy them at
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How make Tech Deck wheels?

you can take a 4 pencil white erasers from the pencil or any color then take a drillbit that will make a hole out of itbut make the hole is really cleanthen take a 1/8 drillbi

Where to buy a Tech Deck?

You can buy tech decks at many stores like,Meijer,Wal-mart,and Target. And even online. But not at grocery stores.

Name all of the Tech Deck?

This is virtually impossible. There are about 50 different tech decks coming out every month. These Alter to where you live and there are different brands every year.

Where they sell tech decks?

  you can buy tech decks at walgreens, target, walmart or any like big stores where they sell toys.

What is a tech deck?

A Tech Deck is a little plastic skateboard, designed for you to play with, using your fingers.

What is the rarest Tech Deck?

the element plan b dark-star and flip to be exact

Where can buy Tech Deck in Qatar?

you can either buy it in virgin megastores in villagioor you can buy it in toys r us.

Where do you get Tech Decks?

go to tesco

What is the most expensive Tech Deck?

probably elements. I would say either fiberlight or tosh towend would be the most rare and expensive.